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Selecting System Mode - Honeywell INNCOM e7 User Manual

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Pressing the MODE button cycles the e7 between Off, Auto, Heat Only, and Cool Only modes. In each of these modes,
the contents of the main display change accordingly. Note that Auto, Heat Only, and Cool Only have identifying icons
displayed above (Auto) or to the left of the temperature (in which case the Auto icon is grayed out).
• By default, the thermostat is configured with Off and Auto Modes only.
• In Auto Mode, the measured temperature for the space is compared to the set point. Temperature control is
achieved by setting the e7 fan speed to automatic and engaging the heating or cooling valves.
• If the guest selects the fan to run in low speed or high speed via the fan button, then temperature control is
delegated to the heating control and cooling control. The fan is no longer modulated until the set point is changed
(defaults back to Auto mode) or the Mode button is pressed.
• When the fan is operating under automatic control, the applicable fan speed is chosen based on a dedicated P+I
control algorithm to achieve the space's air temperature set point.
During normal operation, the measured air temperature of the space is continuously monitored to ensure it does not
exceed the temperature protection high limit of 90 F or fall below the temperature protection low limit of 50 F (the
Danger Bands). If the measured air temperature in the space exceeds the Danger Band limits, then the fan coil unit will
be overridden to a constant enabled state, the fan speed will modulate under its dedicated P+I control, and the heating
coil control valve and cooling coil control valve will modulate under their dedicated P+I control to achieve a measured
air temperature within the temperature protection limits.
Auto Mode
Heat Only Mode
Cool Only Mode

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