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User Interaction; E7 Interface Navigation - Honeywell INNCOM e7 User Manual

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User Interaction

e7 utilizes progressive disclosure which is an interaction design technique that sequences information and actions
across several screens in order to reduce feelings of being overwhelmed for the user. By disclosing information
progressively, e7 reveals only the essentials and help the user manage the complexity of the feature-rich applications.
The e7 has 3 stages in progressive disclosure (all values are adjustable):
Dormant Mode - When the e7 thermostat is not in use by the guest for more than 15 seconds, or when the room is in
an un-occupied state (rented or un-rented), the e7 thermostat will only display target temperature, with a dim LCD and
keypad backlight.
Proximity Mode - As a user approaches the thermostat as detected by the proximity sensor, the backlights will
illuminate to full brightness, and display the fan speed, mode and degrees (C or F). This occurs when the user is within
the 1m detection range at 0 degrees in front of the laser sensor.
User Interaction Mode - When a button is pressed by the user, the thermostat will then display the modes (heat, cool,
eco) and the measured temperature.
Voice Control - The e7 thermostat is equipped with integration for Amazon Alexa Voice Service, so you can enable
hands-free convenience for temperature control in the guestroom. Voice control is enabled through a server to Cloud
integration with AWS. Refer to the property specific requirements documentation for details on this feature.

e7 Interface Navigation

Information Display displays temperature and settings to the end user. In
Initialization Mode, Contractor Mode, and Function Tests the display is
used to display and select configuration settings. During normal operation,
the display can also include icons for visual cues to the e7 current state.
F|C button toggles the display temperature
units: Fahrenheit or Centigrade.
Fan button selects fan speed; when
pressed successively scrolls through low,
medium, high, off.
UP arrow button increments set point
DOWN arrow button decrements set point
PIR Motion Sensor.
MODE button selects operational status,
when pressed successively scrolls
through off, auto, heat only, cool only.

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