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Honeywell evotouch User Manual

Multi-zone wireless comfort controller
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  Summary of Contents for Honeywell evotouch

  • Page 1 evotouch...
  • Page 3 Keep in touch with your installer or visit the Honeywell website to learn of future upgrades that can deliver even more comfort and convenience into your evohome system.
  • Page 4: Home Screen Overview

    Shows the measured temperature in the current location. 12 Battery level Increase temperature setting Shows the battery level when evotouch is not fitted to the dock. Increases the set temperature until the next period. Current temperature setting Shows the set temperature defined by the schedule, or an override.
  • Page 5 The Honeywell evotouch is a wireless programmable controller which can individually control up to 8 zones. It will control your You can either mount your evotouch on a wall mounted dock, or heating system efficiently to provide maximum comfort and energy on a table-top stand.
  • Page 6: System Functions

    Future expansion normally heats. evotouch will calculate the correct time to start evotouch is in an expandable system. An upgrade port on the heating, so that you reach your comfort temperature when you want controller allows your installer to update the unit to take advantage of future developments and new functionality.
  • Page 7: Changing The Time And Date

    Changing the time and date • If necessary press the main screen to display the home screen: To set the time Press to set the hour and minutes. Press SET DATE to set the date Press MENU to display the MAIN MENU You can optionally press CLOCK SETTINGS to change the time format between 24 HR and 12 HR, and choose automatic Daylight Saving time.
  • Page 8: Manual Override

    Manual override To change the override duration The standby display shows the measured temperature from evotouch’s internal sensor, and the date and time: Press Press to Change The following screen is displayed: Either a static or a dynamic screensaver is available. • Press anywhere on this screen to display the Home Screen. Press PERMANENT to make the override To override the programmed temperature...
  • Page 9 Changing the schedules To edit a period • Press the button of the period you want to edit. The following screen is displayed: From the Home Screen press ZONING Press in the VIEW/EDIT START TIME section to SCHEDULE) change the start time If there are several zones the next screen shows information about of the period the first zone.
  • Page 10 Adding and deleting periods To add a period To copy the schedule to other days Press COPY Press ADD PERIOD • Set the START TIME and SETTING for the new period, as This screen lets you specify which days to copy: described in To edit a period, page 7. The existing periods will be adjusted accordingly. Press WEEK DAYS to select all the week days • Press DONE to show the new period on the VIEW SCHEDULE Press the days you screen for the day.
  • Page 11: Using Help

    Using Help Troubleshooting Many of the evotouch screens provide a HELP button, to provide This section provides suggested answers to typical problems that additional information about what you need to do: users may encounter with evotouch. • Press HELP to display a help screen: Problem Solution Display stays blank Check that power is reaching the wall plate/table-top stand. Check that power is connected correctly.
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