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Thermostat Initialization; Default Hvac Unit Control - Honeywell INNCOM e7 User Manual

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Thermostat Initialization

Power up for the first time puts the e7 thermostat into Initialization Mode. This mode provides the contractor or
electrician with a simple setup for the thermostat to control the intended HVAC equipment before normal use.
Under normal operating conditions, the e7 thermostat is designed to provide energy management and operates the
HVAC equipment using stand-alone energy management configurations. These configurations are intended to utilize a
wired door switch and the e7's on-board motion sensor for occupancy detection logic.
Initialization Mode configuration default parameters are outlined in the following tables.

Default HVAC Unit Control

*All default values are adjustable with the INNtool and engINN software configuration tools.
Comfort Control
Guest Selectable Temperature Control Limits (rented/Occupied) - Low
Guest Selectable Temperature Control Limits (rented/Occupied) - High
LEM Guest Selectable Temperature Control Limits (rented / occupied) - Low
LEM Guest Selectable Temperature Control Limits (rented / occupied) - High
Check-in temperature
Default Thermostat Dormant Mode Display
Energy Conservation
Rented Room - Temperature Clipping Heating
Rented Room - Temperature Clipping Cooling
Occupied Mode Temperature Control Delta
Rented / Unoccupied Setback Temperature Variance (Delta from Guest-
selected Temperature Setting)
HVAC Equipment Operation
Latent Heat Blowout
Latent Cool Blowout
Fan Operation When Temperature is Satisfied (Occupied Room)
Fan operation Unoccupied / Satisfied
Fan operation Unoccupied /HVAC Off
Time Delay for Balcony Door Exposure
Disable Fan
Disable Cooling
Disable Heating
Default Value*
65 F
80 F
60 F
85 F
72 F
Set Point
85 F
55 F
1 F
4 F
45 seconds
45 seconds
Fan Off
Fan Off
Fan off
30 seconds
Operate as satisfied
Apply cool at danger high
Apply heat at danger low

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