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Inntool/Enginn Support - Honeywell INNCOM e7 User Manual

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INNtool/engINN Support

INNtool is software used to create INNCOM Integrated Room Automation Systems (IRAS). For any configuration
requirements beyond what is noted in this document, INNtool and engINN are software tools that are used to create
the configuration capabilities for projects which are more complex in nature, typically including the INNControl 3
server and combining INNCOM lighting, drapery, amenities control, and third party integrations with the e7
thermostats Energy Management System (EMS). INNtool also produces property specific documentation including:
• Property Bill of Materials
• Wiring Diagrams
• Software for the thermostat and other room automation devices (as required)
• Commissioning documents
• EMS setting sheet
• INNControl 3 scripts
• Switch Function Tables
• Switch Matrix
engINN software that permits a trained INNCOM installer or system integrator to push the engineered configurations
for the Integrated Room Automation System
Training for INNtool and engINN is part of the Level 2 and Level 3 Training Classes. INNCOM Authorized Systems
Integrators should contact their respective E&ES Regional Support Teams to inquire about enrolling in upcoming
training sessions. If you have already received training or you are a Honeywell employee supporting the INNCOM
business, you can download the updated Revision by going to the following URL:

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