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Pump Service - STA-RITE MPRA6D-146L Installation, Operation & Parts

Dyna-glas and dyna-max centrifugal pumps with integral trap, series mpra, mpea, and mpfa
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Hazardous voltage.
Can shock, burn,
or cause death.
Disconnect power
before working
on pump or motor.
watertight connections.
Figure 9 – Use a pry bar or board as shown to remove
tight lid. Do not use a pry bar to tighten lid.
5. Open all valves in suction and return piping.
6. Remove any winterizing plugs in piping system.
7. Drain all antifreeze from system.
8. Close all drain valves and replace all drain plugs in
piping system.
9. Prime pump according to instructions on Page 9.


Pump should only be serviced by qualified personnel.
For best results, use only genuine Sta-Rite factory
Be sure to prime pump (Page 9) before starting.
Before removing trap cover:
1. STOP PUMP before proceeding.
2. CLOSE GATE VALVES in suction and discharge
3. RELEASE ALL PRESSURE from pump and piping
Startup For Winterized
1. Remove any temporary
weather protection placed
around system for
2. Follow filter manufacturer's
instructions for reactivation
of the filter.
3. Inspect all electrical wiring
for damage or
deterioration over the
shutdown period. Have a
qualified serviceman repair
wiring as needed.
4. Inspect and tighten all
To avoid dangerous or fatal electrical shock
hazard, turn OFF power to motor before working
on pump or motor.
Aside from lubricating trap cover O-Ring, no lubrication
or regular maintenance is needed beyond reasonable
care and periodic cleaning of strainer basket. If shaft
seal is worn or damaged, repair as follows:
Pump Dissasembly/Removing Old Seal
Disconnect power to pump motor.
Be sure valves on suction and return piping are
closed before starting work.
Release all pressure by opening all vents before
starting work.
1. Drain pump by removing drain plugs on bottom of
pump body and trap body.
2. Be sure there is no pressure in trap body; remove
cover (unscrew by turning counterclockwise).
3. Remove 6 nuts, lockwashers and flat washers holding
seal plate to pump body. Pull seal plate and motor
away from pump body. (You may have to
Hazardous voltage.
Can shock, burn,
or cause death.
Disconnect power
before working
on pump or motor.
shaft (turn counterclockwise when facing it).
NOTICE: On 2 HP model, remove impeller screw
(left hand thread - turn clockwise) and gasket
before removing impeller. Inspect gasket for
damage, cracks, etc. Replace if damaged.
8. Remove four screws holding seal plate to motor.
9. Place seal plate face down on flat surface and tap
out ceramic seat (Figure 10).
10. Remove slinger from motor shaft and inspect for
damage or abrasion.
11. Clean seal cavity in seal plate and clean motor
screwdriver to separate
body from seal plate.)
4. Remove seven screws
and washers holding
diffuser to seal plate.
Remove diffuser.
5. Remove motor canopy.
Being careful not to
touch capacitor
terminals, loosen
capacitor clamp and
move capacitor to one
6. Hold shaft with 7/16"
open-end wrench on
motor shaft flats.
7. Unscrew impeller from

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