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STA-RITE MPE Owner's Manual

Mpra, mpea, and mpe series centrifugal pumps with integral trap
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Pentair Water Pool and Spa, Inc.
Sanford, N.C., Moorpark, CA, USA
Ontario, Canada
Herentals, Belgium
R '
Series MPRA, MPEA, and MPE
See Page 3 for Model Numbers
(Unions optional)
This manual should be furnished to
the end user of this pump; its use will
reduce service calls and chance of
injury and will lengthen pump life.
S771 (Rev. B 2/8/08)



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  Summary of Contents for STA-RITE Sta-Rite MPE

  • Page 1 CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS WITH INTEGRAL TRAP Series MPRA, MPEA, and MPE See Page 3 for Model Numbers Pentair Water Pool and Spa, Inc. Sanford, N.C., Moorpark, CA, USA Ontario, Canada Herentals, Belgium DYNA-PRO R ’ (Unions optional) INSTALLATION, OPERATION & PARTS This manual should be furnished to the end user of this pump;...
  • Page 2: Technical Support

    Corporation and Plasto-Joint Stik® is a registered trademark of La-Co Industries, Inc. Unless noted, names and brands of others that may be used in this document are not used to indicate an affiliation or endorsement between the proprietors of these names and brands and Pentair Water Pool and Spa, Inc.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ‘MPRA’, ‘MPEA’ & ‘MPE’ SERIES PUMPS WITH TRAP To avoid unneeded service calls, prevent possible in- juries, and get the most out of your pump, READ THIS MANUAL CAREFULLY! The Sta-Rite ‘MPRA’, ‘MPEA’ & ‘MPE’ Series Self-priming Centrifugal pump: • Is designed for use with swimming pools or as a cen- trifugal pump.
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    1. Do not connect system to a high pressure or city water system. 2. Use equipment only in a pool or spa installation. 3. Trapped air in system can cause explosion. BE SURE all air is out of system before operating or testing equipment. Before pressure testing, make the following safety checks: •...
  • Page 5: Installation

    Allow pump suction inlet height to be as close to water level as possible. Pump will not lift water more than 10' (3m). Allow use of short, direct suction pipe (To reduce friction losses). Allow for gate valves in suction and discharge piping. Have adequate floor drainage to prevent flooding.
  • Page 6: Electrical

    Water Velocity The maximum water velocity through the suction fitting or cover for any suction outlet must not exceed 1.5 feet per second unless the outlet complies with the latest ANSI/ASME Specification for Suction Fittings For Use in Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs, and Whirlpool Bathtub Applications.
  • Page 7 Grounding/Bonding Install, ground, bond and wire motor according to local or National Electrical Code requirements. Permanently ground motor. Use green ground terminal provided under motor canopy or access plate (See Figure 4); use size and type wire required by code. Connect motor ground terminal to electrical service ground.
  • Page 8 TABLE I - RECOMMENDED CIRCUIT BREAKER AND WIRING DATA Motor Branch CB Max Load Rating Amps Amps MPRA SERIES – SINGLE SPEED 20/15 13.4/6.7 20/15 15.3/7.6 1-1/2 25/15 19.2/9.6 12.0 MPEA SERIES – SINGLE SPEED 15/15 11.0/5.5 20/15 13.8/6.9 1-1/2 25/15 16.0/8.0 10.4...
  • Page 9: Operation

    OPERA TION NOTICE: NEVER run pump dry. Running pump dry may damage seals, causing leakage and flooding. Fill pump with water before starting motor. Before removing trap cover: 1. STOP PUMP before proceeding. 2. CLOSE GATE VALVES in suction and discharge pipes. 3.
  • Page 10: Pump Service

    For outdoor/unprotected installations: 1. Enclose entire system in a weatherproof enclosure. 2. To avoid condensation/corrosion damage, allow venti- lation; do not wrap system in plastic. 3. Use a 40% propylene glycol/60% water solution to protect pump to -50°F (-46°C). Draining Pump Explosion hazard.
  • Page 11 If shaft seal is worn or damaged, repair as follows: Pump Dissasembly/Removing Old Seal Disconnect power to pump motor. Be sure valves on suction and return piping are closed before starting work. Release all pressure by opening all vents before starting work.
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting Guide

    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE Read and understand safety and operating instructions in this manual before doing any work on pump! Only qualified personnel should electrically test pump motor! FAILURE TO PUMP; REDUCED CAPACITY OR DISCHARGE PRESSURE Suction leaks/lost prime: 1. Pump must be primed; make sure that pump volute and trap are full of water.
  • Page 13: Repair Parts List

    Model No. Motor (Key No. 1) Single Speed 115/230/60/1 MPRA6D-204L A100DLL MPRA6E-205L A100ELL MPRA6F-206L 1-1/2 A100FLL MPEA6D-204L AE100DLL MPEA6E-205L AE100ELL MPEA6F-206L 1-1/2 AE100FLL MPE6C-204L AE100CHL MPE6D-205L AE100DHL MPE6E-206L AE100EHL 230/60/1 MPRA6G-207L A100GLL MPEA6G-207L AE100GLL MPEAA6G-208L 2-1/2 AE100G5LL MPE6F-207L 1-1/2 AE100FHL MPE6G-208L AE100G5HL Two Speed 230/60/1...
  • Page 14 Part Description Screw #10-32x1/2" Bonding Lug Slinger Seal Plate Seal Plate Cord Ring Shaft Seal Impeller Gasket Impeller Lock Screw Diffuser Diffuser O-Ring Tank and Trap Body (Only) Trap Lid and Ring Assembly Trap Cover O-Ring Trap Basket Drain Plug Mounting Screw 5/16-14x5/8"...
  • Page 16 P/N S771 Rev. B 2/8/08...