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Pool Pump Suction Requirements - STA-RITE MPRA6D-146L Installation, Operation & Parts

Dyna-glas and dyna-max centrifugal pumps with integral trap, series mpra, mpea, and mpfa
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pump, use Teflon tape or Plasto-Joint Stik to seal
connections. Do not use pipe dope; pipe dope causes
cracking in some plastics and may damage components
in piping system.
When connecting pipe to pump with union half, use
Teflon tape or Plasto-Joint Stik between pipe and union
adapter. Union collar to pump should be assembled dry
and hand-tight.
NOTICE: Pump suction and discharge connections
have molded in thread stops. DO NOT try to screw pipe
in beyond these stops.
Teflon Taping Instructions:
Use only new or clean PVC pipe fittings.
Wrap male pipe threads with one to two layers of Teflon
tape. Cover entire threaded portion of pipe.
Do not overtighten or tighten past thread stop in pump
If leaks occur, remove pipe, clean off old tape, rewrap
with one to two additional layers of tape and remake the
NOTICE: Support all piping connected with pump!
Use at least 2" (51mm) pipe. Increase size if a long run
is needed.
To avoid strains on the pump, support both suction and
discharge pipes independently. Place these supports
near the pump.
To avoid a strain left by a gap at the last connection,
start all piping at the pump and run pipe away from the
To avoid airlocking, slope suction pipe slightly upward
toward the pump.
NOTICE: To prevent flooding when removing pump for
service, all flooded suction systems must have gate
valves in suction and discharge pipes.
Hazardous suction.
Can trap hair or
body parts, causing
severe injury
or death.
Do not block
against the hazard of
suction entrapment or hair entrapment/entanglement.
Suction Outlet Covers
All suction outlet covers must be maintained. They must
be replaced if cracked, broken, or missing.
See Page 5 for outlet cover certification requirements.
All suction outlets must have correctly installed, screw-
fastened covers in place.
Suction Outlets Per Pump (Figure 2, Page 5)
Provide at least two hydraulically balanced main drains,
with covers, as suction outlets for each circulating pump
suction line. The centers of the main drains (suction
outlets) on any one suction line must be at least three feet
The system must be built so that it cannot operate with
the pump drawing water from only one main drain (that
is, there must be at least two main drains connected to
the pump whenever it is running – see Figure 2, Page
5). However, if two main drains run into a single suction
line, the single suction line may be equipped with a
valve which will shut off both main drains from the pump
(see Figure 2).
More than one pump can be connected to a single
suction line as long as the requirements above are met.
Pump suction is
hazardous and can trap
and drown or disembowel
bathers. Do not use or
operate swimming pools,
spas, or hot tubs if a suction
outlet cover is missing,
broken, or loose. Follow the
guidelines below for a pump
installation which minimizes
risk to users of pools, spas,
and hot tubs.
Entrapment Protection
The pump suction system
must provide protection

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