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Initial Use; Installing The Software - Silvercrest 274142 User Manual And Service Information

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WARNING! Electromagnetic compatibility
The guidelines for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) must be adhered to when connecting the
device. Ensure that there is a minimum distance of 1m from high frequency and magnetic sources of
interference (e.g. TVs, loudspeakers, mobile phones, etc.) in order to prevent malfunctions and loss of
WARNING! Back up
Ensure that you back up your data to external storage media after every update. Damage claims for
lost data or for consequential losses as a result of lost data are excluded.

Initial use

Installing the software

WARNING! Only connect the device when the setup wizard prompts you to do so.
Important files can be overwritten and altered during installation of programs or
drivers. You should back up the contents of your hard drive before installing the
program so that you can still access your original files if there is a problem with the
 Insert the CD ROM supplied into the drive and the installation menu will open automatically.
 Click on the desired national flag to select the relevant language.
 First, install the driver and then the software (PowerDirector) according to the instructions on the
If the setup wizard does not start automatically when the CD ROM is inserted, then the
autorun function of your CD drive is deactivated. Then proceed as follows:
 Open the File Explorer or Windows Explorer.
 Double-click on your CD drive with the left mouse button.
 Then start the autorun function by double-clicking with the left mouse button on the autorun
application (Autorun.exe).
A description of the software can be found on the CD-ROM under the item
"PowerDirector Help".
SilverCrest USB 2.0 Video Grabber SVG 2.0 A3


Table of Contents

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