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Warranty And Servicing Advice - Silvercrest 274142 User Manual And Service Information

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New USB devices have been recognised and drivers must be installed.
 If a USB device is connected to a new port, it is given a new ID. This usually requires a driver
installation, even if the driver was already installed.
The video recorded via the S-Video cable is in black and white.
 The playback source must be switched to S-Video.
Error message indicating that the video is protected.
 The copy protection system has been activated. This material cannot be copied.
Please consult the PowerDirector Help section on the enclosed software CD for information on using
the software.

Warranty and servicing advice

Warranty of TARGA GmbH
Dear Customer,
This device is sold with three years warranty from the date of purchase. In the event of product
defects, you have legal rights towards the seller. These statutory rights are not restricted by our
warranty as described below.
Warranty conditions
The warranty period commences upon the date of purchase. Please keep the original receipt in a safe
place as it is required as proof of purchase. If any material or manufacturing faults occur within three
years of purchase of this product, we will repair or replace the product free of charge as we deem
Warranty period and legal warranty rights
The warranty period is not extended in the event of a warranty claim. This also applies to replaced
and repaired parts. Any damage or defects discovered upon purchase must be reported immediately
when the product has been unpacked. Any repairs required after the warranty period will be subject
to charge.
Scope of warranty
The device was carefully manufactured in compliance with stringent quality guidelines and subjected
to thorough testing before it left the works. The warranty applies to material and manufacturing faults.
This warranty does not cover product components which are subject to normal wear and which can
therefore be regarded as wearing parts, or damage to fragile components such as switches,
rechargeable batteries or components made of glass. This warranty is void if the product is damaged,
incorrectly used or serviced. To ensure correct use of the product, always comply fully with all
instructions contained in the user manual. The warnings and recommendations in the user manual
regarding correct and incorrect use and handling of the product must always be observed and
complied with. The product is solely designed for private use and is not suitable for commercial
SilverCrest USB 2.0 Video Grabber SVG 2.0 A3


Table of Contents

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