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SilverCrest USB 2.0 Video Grabber SVG 2.0 A3
DANGER! Operational safety
 Please follow the usage instructions of your computer.
 Protect the device against moisture, vibrations, dust, heat and direct sunlight to avoid system
 Never open the device housing. If you do so, the warranty will become void and may lead to
permanent damage to the device.
 After it is transported, wait until the device has reached ambient temperature before using it for
the first time. In the event of extreme temperature or humidity fluctuations, condensation can lead
to a formation of moisture that can cause an electrical short circuit.
 Always handle the cables by the connector and do not pull on the cables themselves. Do not
place any heavy objects on the cables and take care that the cables are not kinked, especially
near the plug and connection sockets. When connecting the device, ensure that the cable is not
too taut and the connector plug is not stressed. Never tie a knot in a cable and do not tie cables
together. All cables should be positioned so that nobody can trip over them and they cannot
cause an obstruction.
 If you notice any smoke, unusual noises or strange odours, remove the device immediately from
the USB port. In such cases, the device should not be used until it has been inspected by
authorised service personnel. Never inhale smoke from a potential device fire. If you have inhaled
smoke, however, consult a doctor. The inhalation of smoke can be harmful.
DANGER! Children and persons with disabilities
Electrical devices do not belong in the hands of children. Persons with physical, mental or sensory
disabilities should also only use electrical devices within the scope of their abilities. Never allow
children or persons with disabilities to use electrical devices unsupervised, unless they have been
instructed accordingly or are supervised by a person responsible for their safety. Children should
always be supervised to ensure that they do not play with this device. Small parts can be fatal if
swallowed. Always keep plastic packaging out of reach.
DANGER! It poses a suffocation risk!


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents