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Questions & Answers - Siemens CX70 User Manual

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Questions & Answers
If you have any questions about using your phone, visit us at anytime. For additional help, we have
listed below some frequently asked questions and answers.
Configuration service
To help you set up your mobile phone for the data service WAP, MMS, e-mail and Internet,
you can use a configuration service. This service is used to have the necessary settings for
your mobile phone sent to you by SMS. We recommend that you contact your network
provider who will send you the configuration messages.
As an alternative you can also use the "Setting Configurator" at Siemens will then send you the
configuration messages. Please follow the instructions contained in those messages.
Phone cannot be
switched on.
Too little standby
Charging error
(charge icon not
Possible causes
On/Off key not pressed long
Flat battery.
Battery contacts dirty.
See also below under "Charging
Frequent use of organiser and
Fast search activated.
Display illumination on.
Unintentional keystrokes
Battery totally discharged.
Temperature out of range:
+5 °C to +40 °C.
Contact problem.
No mains voltage.
Wrong charger.
Battery faulty.
Questions & Answers
Possible solution
Press On/Off key for at least two seconds.
Charge battery. Check charging indicator in the dis-
Clean contacts.
Restrict use if necessary.
Deactivate speed search(p. 104).
Switch off display illumination (p. 88).
Activate key lock (p. 101).
1) Plug in charger cable, battery is on charge.
2) Charge icon appears after approx. 2 hours.
3) Charge battery.
Make sure the ambient temperature is right, wait for
a while, then recharge.
Check power supply and connection to the phone.
Check battery contacts and telephone connection
socket, clean them if necessary, then insert battery
Use different mains power socket, check mains
Only use original Siemens accessories.
Replace battery.


Table of Contents

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