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SAR (CX70)

SAR (CX70)
Your cell phone is a radio transmitter
and receiver. It is designed and man-
ufactured not to exceed the emission
limits for exposure to radio frequen-
cy (RF) energy established by the
Federal Communications Commis-
sion (FCC) of the U.S. Government
and by Health Canada. These limits
are part of comprehensive guide-
lines and establish permitted levels
of RF energy for the general popula-
tion. The guidelines were developed
and confirmed by independent sci-
entific organizations through period-
ic and thorough evaluation of scien-
tific studies*. The limits include a
substantial safety margin designed
to assure the safety of all persons, re-
gardless of age and health.
The exposure standard for cell
phones employs a unit of measure-
ment known as the Specific Absorp-
tion Rate, or SAR. The SAR limit es-
tablished by the FCC and by Health
Canada is 1.6 W/kg**. Tests for SAR
are conducted using standard oper-
ating positions accepted by the FCC
and by Industry Canada with the
phone transmitting at its highest cer-
tified power level in all tested fre-
quency bands. Although the SAR is
determined at the highest certified
power level, the actual SAR level of
the phone while operating can be
well below the maximum value. This
is because the phone is designed to
operate at multiple power levels so
as to use only the power required to
reach the network. In general, the
closer you are to a wireless base sta-
tion, the lower the power output.
Before a phone model is available for
sale to the public, it must be tested
and the manufacturer must certify to
the FCC and Industry Canada that it
does not exceed the limit estab-
lished by each government for safe
exposure. The tests are performed in
positions and locations (e.g., at the
ear and worn on the body), reported
to the FCC and available for review
by Industry Canada. The highest SAR
value for this Siemens CX70 when
tested for use at the ear is
0.65 W/kg***
and when worn on the body
0.73 W/kg***
Additional information on Specific
Absorption Rates (SAR) can be found
on the Cellular Telecommunications
Internet Association (CTIA) web-site
at or the Canadi-
an Wireless Telecommunications As-
sociation (CWTA) website
SAR information on this Siemens
CX70 phone is on file with the FCC
and can be found under the Display


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