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of CX70 Ulysses refresh , am, A31008-H7103-A40-1-4A19 (25.08.2004, 15:43)
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No WAP access,
downloading not
Text message can-
not be sent.
EMS pictures &
sounds are not dis-
played at the desti-
nation phone
No Internet access
PIN error/
PIN2 error.
Phone code error.
Service provider
Code error.
Too few/too many
menu entries.
No fax possible.
Charge meter does
not work.
Severe shock.
Phone became wet. Remove battery and SIM. Dry immediately with a cloth, but do not apply heat. Dry
Reset all settings to factory default p. 95:
Possible causes
Profile not activated, profile set-
tings wrong/incomplete.
Service provider does not sup-
port this service.
Phone number for service cen-
tre not set or incorrectly set.
SIM card contract does not sup-
port this service.
Service centre too busy.
Recipient does not have a
compatible phone.
Destination phone does not sup-
port the EMS standard.
Incorrect WAP profile set, or
wrong or incomplete settings.
Three wrong entries.
Three wrong entries.
No authorisation for this service. Contact your service provider.
Functions may have been
added or deleted by the service
provider via the SIM card.
Wrong settings in the PC.
No authorisation for this service. Contact your service provider.
Charge pulse is not transmitted. Contact your service provider.
Remove battery and SIM and re-insert them. Do not dismantle the phone!
connector contacts thoroughly. Stand mobile upright in an air current. Do not disman-
tle the phone!
Questions & Answers
Possible solution
Activate or set WAP profile (p. 80). If necessary ask
your service provider.
Contact your service provider.
Set service centre (p. 55).
Contact your service provider.
Repeat message.
Check WAP settings; (p. 80) contact your service
provider if necessary.
Enter the PUK (MASTER PIN) supplied with the
SIM card according to the instructions. If the PUK
(MASTER PIN) has been lost, please contact your
service provider.
Contact Siemens Service (p. 149).
Check with your service provider.
Check settings (p. 99).
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