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Siemens CX75 User Manual

Siemens cx75: user guide.
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User manual - 152 pages
Service manual - 42 pages
Manual - 168 pages


Table of Contents
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft,
issued by Communications,
Haidenauplatz 1
D-81667 Munich
© Siemens AG 2005
All rights reserved. Subject to availability.
Rights of modification reserved.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
Designed for life


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, issued by Communications, Haidenauplatz 1 D-81667 Munich © Siemens AG 2005 All rights reserved. Subject to availability. Rights of modification reserved. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft CX75 Designed for life...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Care and maintenance ... 64 Product data ... 65 SAR – European Union (RTTE) ... 66 SAR – International (ICNIRP) ... 67 Guarantee certificate (UK) ... 68 Guarantee certificate (IRL) ... 69 License Agreement ... 70 Index ... 73
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    (page 19). Otherwise you risk serious per- manent damage to your hearing. Only use original Siemens bat- teries (100 % mercury-free) and – charging devices. Otherwise you risk serious damage to health and property. The bat- tery could explode, for instance.
  • Page 4 Information stored on them could be lost. Use only Siemens original ac- cessories. This will avoid poten- tial risks to health or property and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.
  • Page 5: Overview Of Phone

    Overview of phone Call key Dial displayed/highlighted phone num- bers/names, take calls. In standby mode, show last phone numbers dialled. On/Off/End key • Switched off: press and hold to switch on. • During a conversation or in an appli- cation: press briefly to finish. •...
  • Page 6 Integrated antenna Do not obstruct the phone above the battery cover unnecessarily. This re- duces the signal quality. Loudspeaker Sidekeys Camera • Press in standby mode: Start the camera. • During a call: Decrease volume. Push to talk • Press in standby mode: Start push to talk.
  • Page 7: Display Symbols

    Display symbols Display symbols (selection) Signal strength Battery charge level, e.g. 50% Phonebook Call records Surf & fun/ Service provider portal Organiser Messages Camera Extras My stuff Setup All calls are diverted Ç Ringer off ¿ Short ring (beep) only ¾...
  • Page 8: Getting Started

    Getting started The phone is packaged in dismantled form and must be re-assembled prior to using for the first time. Your phone's dis- play is supplied with a protective film. Remove this film slowly before assembling the phone. In rare cases, static discharge may cause discolouration at the edges of the display.
  • Page 9 • Place the cover in position and push it towards the front it latches into place. Additional information Switch off your phone before removing the battery. The phone supports 1.8 V and 3 V SIM cards. Please contact your service provider if you have an older card.
  • Page 10: Charging The Battery

    Charging the battery Charging procedure The battery is not fully charged when delivered. Plug the charger ca- ble into the bottom of the phone, plug the power supply unit into a mains power socket and charge for at least two hours. Display during charging Charging time A flat battery is fully charged after...
  • Page 11: Switch On/off, Pin Entry

    Switch on/off, PIN entry Switching phone on/off Press and hold the On/Off/End key. Entering the PIN The SIM card may be protected with a 4 to 8-digit PIN. Enter the PIN using the number keys. The charac- ters **** display to ensure nobody can read your PIN.
  • Page 12: General Information

    General information Standby mode The phone is in standby mode and is ready for use when the name of the service provider appears on the display. Press and hold the On/Off/End key to return to standby mode from any situation. Signal strength Strong receiving signal.
  • Page 13: User Guide

    User guide Symbols The following symbols are used to explain operation: Enter numbers or letters. On/Off/End key Call key Softkeys < > Displays a softkey function. §Menu§ Press the joystick vertically (to call up the menu, for example). Press the joystick in the di- D F E rection indicated.
  • Page 14: Standard Functions

    Standard functions Option menus Functions which appear repeatedly in the options menu are listed here. Open menu. §Options§ Edit Open the entry to edit. View Display entry. Delete/ Delete entry/delete all en- Delete all tries after confirmation. New entry Create new entry. Send...
  • Page 15: Menu Speed Dialling

    Additional highlighting functions: §Options§ Open menu. Mark all Highlight all entries. Unmark all Delete highlighting on all highlighted entries. Delete All selected entries are marked deleted. Menu speed dialling All menu functions are numbered in- ternally. You can select a function di- rectly by entering these numbers one after the other.
  • Page 16: Security

    Security The phone and SIM card are protect- ed against misuse by several security codes. Keep these security codes in a safe place where you can access them again if required. PIN codes Protects your SIM card (personal identification number). PIN2 This is needed to set the charge detail display and to access ad-...
  • Page 17: Preventing Accidental Activation

    If an incorrect phone code is entered three times in succession, access to the phone code and the functions that use it is denied. If this occurs, contact the Siemens Service (page 62). Clearing SIM card barring If the PIN is entered incorrectly three times, the SIM card is barred.
  • Page 18: Text Entry

    Text entry Text entry without T9 Press the number key repeatedly un- til the required character appears. Example: Press once briefly to write the letter a, twice to write b etc. Press and hold to write the number. Press briefly to delete the letter before the cursor.
  • Page 19: Text Modules

    Writing with T9 It is best if you finish a word without looking at the display. Simply press the keys where the rele- vant letter is located once. A blank space or moving to the right ends the word. Do not use special characters such as Ä.
  • Page 20: Calling

    Calling Enter the number (always with area / international dialling code). Press this button briefly to clear the last digit; press and hold to clear the en- tire phone number. Dial phone number. Ending the call Press the End key briefly. Setting the volume Adjust the volume with the joystick or with the...
  • Page 21: Call Options

    Call options Functions which are only available during the call are offered in the call menu. Swap between 2 calls Establish a second connection Open the call menu Hold the current call, then Hold dial the new phone number. Open the call menu. Swap between the calls.
  • Page 22: Default Book

    Default book ¢ ¢ Select function. Show entries The entries in the default book (Addressbook or Phonebook) are shown. Select a name with the first letter and/or scroll. New entry Create a new entry. (see also page 22) Addressbook (see also page 24) Phonebook Default book You can set which directory you pre-...
  • Page 23: Addressbook

    Addressbook The Addressbook can store up to 1,000 entries, each with a variety of telephone and fax numbers as well as additional address details. These entries are managed in the phone memory, separately from those in the Phonebook. New entry The Addressbook is set as standard: Open Addressbook (in standby mode.
  • Page 24: Addressbook Options

    Displaying/finding an entry Open Addressbook (in standby mode). Select required entry. Display. Display options Displays functions for the §Options§ selected input field. Editing an entry Open Addressbook (in standby mode). Select entry and press §Edit§. Select input field and press §Edit§. Make changes, then press §Save§.
  • Page 25: Phonebook

    Phonebook Entries in the Phonebook (on the SIM card) are managed separately from those in the Addressbook. New entry If the Phonebook has been selected as the default book: Open Phonebook (in standby mode). <New entry> Select . Display input fields. Select and fill in the input fields.
  • Page 26: Special Books

    Editing an entry Select entry in Phonebook. Press. §Edit§ Select desired input field. Make changes. Press. §Save§ Phonebook options The following functions are available, depending on the current situation. §Options§ Open menu. Copy into 9 Copy all highlighted en- tries to the Addressbook. Copy all to 9 Copy all entries to the Addressbook.
  • Page 27: Call Records

    Call records Phone numbers are saved to make it easier to redial them. ¢ Select record. Open record. Select phone number. Dial phone number. Up to 500 entries are stored in the records. Calls missed The phone numbers of calls that you have received but not answered are stored for call back purposes.
  • Page 28: Camera

    Camera You can view photos/videos record- ed on the integrated camera imme- diately and • use the photo as a background im- age, logo, a start up/shut down animation or a screensaver • assign the photo to an Address- book entry •...
  • Page 29: Video Mode

    Video mode The video mode resolution is the same as the preview image resolution. You can set two different resolutions. Start the video recording. End the video recording. A red dot appears in the top right of the display while the video recording is being made.
  • Page 30: Message Overview

    This function is not supported by all service providers. Please contact Business card. your service provider for more infor- mation. You will find a description in the comprehensive user guide on the Internet at: are displayed SMS, MMS E-mail ¢ ¢ Inbox ¢...
  • Page 31: Sms

    You can use your phone to transmit and receive very long messages (up to 760 characters). They are auto- matically composed of several "nor- mal" SMS messages (note higher charges). You can also insert pic- tures and sounds into an SMS. Writing/sending an SMS ¢...
  • Page 32 SMS to group You can send an SMS message in the form of a""circular" to a recipient group. Start sending procedure. The Addressbook is §Group§ opened. <Groups> The list of groups is displayed. Select group. Open group and highlight all/individual entries. Transmission is started af- ter a security query.
  • Page 33: Mms

    The Multimedia Messaging Service enables you to send texts, pic- tures/videos and sounds in a com- bined message to another mobile phone or to an e-mail address. Depending on your phone setting, you will either receive the complete message or only a notification with sender details and size.
  • Page 34: Sending An Mms

    Save as Save created MMS as a templ. template. See also below. Layout Select one of four possible layouts: Text above, beneath, be- side (on left or right of) picture. Colour... Select the colours for: • Text backg. • Text colour •...
  • Page 35: Sending Options

    Sending options Open menu. §Options§ Send Send MMS. Play Play entire MMS on the display. Edit Display object selection so that object can be changed. Add recipient from the cur- recipient rent address directory. Delete Delete individual recipient. recip. Add at- Add attachment: tachm.
  • Page 36: Connection Profile

    Setting ¢ ¢ Message setup ¢ MMS setup ¢ Select function. Connection profile: Six MMS profiles can be set. The sending properties are specified in these profiles. In most cases, they have already been set. If not, please check with your service provider. Activate profile Select profile.
  • Page 37: E-mail

    E-mail Your telephone has an e-mail pro- gram (client) with which you can write and receive e-mails. Writing/sending e-mails ¢ ¢ Create new Enter address data: Enter one or more e-mail address(es). Enter the title of the Subject: e-mail. Enter text. Text: Start sending procedure.
  • Page 38: Voice Message/cb

    Voice message/CB Voice message ¢ ¢ Message setup ¢ Voice message If you have a mailbox, a caller can leave a voice message for you if your phone is switched off or not ready to receive, or if you do not wish to an- swer the call or are already making a different call.
  • Page 39: Surf & Fun

    Surf & fun Obtain the latest information from the Internet that is specifically adapt- ed to the display options of your phone. You can also download games and applications to your phone. Internet access may require registration with the service provider.
  • Page 40: Entering Special Characters

    Entering special characters Character table (page 17). List of characters, de- pending on the situation. Browser settings ¢ ¢ Internet Open menu. §Options§ Select. Setup Browser Set start option as well as handling of pictures and tones and send options. Profiles The list of profiles is dis- played for activation/setting...
  • Page 41: Games And Applications

    You can use the browser to download applica- tions (e.g. ringtones, games, pictures, anima- tions) from the Internet. Siemens excludes all warranty and liability claims in respect of or in connection with any applicati- ons subsequently installed by the customer and any software not included in the original delivery package.
  • Page 42: Setup

    Car Kit If an original Siemens Car Kit is used, the profile is switched on automati- cally when the phone is inserted into the cradle.
  • Page 43: Display Setup

    Themes ¢ ¢ Themes Load a completely new visual pres- entation onto your phone. At the press of a button, various functions are re-arranged thematically, e.g. start-up/shut-down animation, back- ground image, screensaver, start up/shut down melody, addi- tional animations. Theme files are compressed to save memory space.
  • Page 44: Ringer Setting

    Screensaver After a specifiable time, the screen- saver shows a picture in the display. An incoming call and/or pressing any key will end the function except if the safety function is activated. Start up anim. Shown when the phone is switched on.
  • Page 45: Call Setup

    Call setup ¢ ¢ Call setup ¢ Select function. Hide ID If activated, your phone number will not appear on the other party’s dis- play (depending on the service providers). Call waiting If you are registered for this service, you can check whether it is set and you can activate/deactivate it.
  • Page 46: Phone Setup

    Phone setup ¢ ¢ Phone setup ¢ Select function. Key tones Set the type of acoustic key acknowledgement. Info tones Set service and alarm tones. Auto off The phone switches off each day at the set time. Phone identity The phone identity number (IMEI) is displayed.
  • Page 47 Clock ¢ ¢ Clock ¢ Select function. Time/date First enter the date, then §Change§ the time. Time zones World map Displays world time zones. Select a time zone. City list List of world cities. Select a city in the selected time zone. Date format Select the display format for the date.
  • Page 48: Data Services

    The Bluetooth ® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth any use of such marks by Siemens are under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners. Bluet'th setup • Search Specify which BT devices are to be...
  • Page 49: Direct Call

    The phone default setting varies from service provider to service pro- vider. Consult you service provider or go to this address on the Internet for more information mobilephonescustomercare in the "FAQ" section. Authentication Activate or deactivate encrypted di- al-up (CSD connections only) for In- ternet access.
  • Page 50: Network Info

    This SIM only Your phone is prevented from being used with a different SIM card. Barrings Network barring restricts the use of your SIM card. Outgo. access All outgoing calls except emergency numbers are barred. Outgoing intl. (outgoing international) Only national calls can be made. (outgoing international without home country) No international calls, only calls to...
  • Page 51 Accessories ¢ ¢ Accessories ¢ Select function. Car Kit If an original Siemens Car Kit is used, the profile is activated automatically when the phone is inserted into the cradle. Auto answer (factory setting: off) Calls are accepted automatically af- ter a few seconds.
  • Page 52: Fast Access

    Fast access Softkeys Assign one phone number or func- tion to each of the two softkeys. Change For example, the Internet assigned to the softkey. To change this (in standby mode): Press briefly, then §Change§. §Internet§ Select a new function from the list and confirm with Apply...
  • Page 53: Organiser

    Organiser ¢ ¢ Select function. Calendar You can enter appointments in the calendar. The time and date must be set correctly. The calendar offers you three views: monthly view, weekly view, daily view. The various entries are colour-cod- ed. Appointments are shown as a horizontal colour bar on the vertical hour division.
  • Page 54: Missed Appts

    ¢ ¢ Select function. Tasks A task is displayed in the agenda of the selected day in the same way as an appointment is displayed. How- ever, unlike an appointment it does not require a time. When no time is entered, the task appears at the top of the list every day until it is marked as completed.
  • Page 55: Extras

    Extras ¢ ¢ Select function. SIM services (optional) SIM services Your service provider may offer ap- plications such as mobile banking, share prices, etc. via the SIM card. Symbol for SIM services. For further information, please con- tact your service provider. Music player ¢...
  • Page 56: Push To Talk

    Push to talk This application can be used to si- multaneously connect multiple sub- scribers. Like a normal Walky-Talky, only one subscriber can speak at a time. The others can only listen until the speaker allows others to talk. A recipient is selected using their push to talk address (ptt-ID) or their phone number.
  • Page 57 Inviting additional subscribers You can invite additional subscribers during a session. Open menu, select §Options§ and mark new subscribers. You are being invited The invitation is shown in a window. Accept the invitation. Leaving the session and ending Only if you yourself started the session.
  • Page 58: Alarm Clock

    Some settings must be made by the user or can be copied from your serv- ice provider. You can find further in- formation in the full version of the user guide at Select and confirm the function, area. Push to talk Activate/deactivate push to talk.
  • Page 59: Sound Recorder

    Sound recorder Use the sound recorder to record noises and tones for use as ringtones. New recording <Record new> Select. The remaining time available, as well as the recording time, are shown in the display. A brief tone sounds when the recording starts.
  • Page 60: Remote Synchronisation

    Stopwatch Two intermediate times can be taken and saved. Start/stop. Reset to zero. §Reset§ Save intermediate time. Countdown A set time elapses. The last 3 sec- onds are indicated by a beep. At the end a special beep sounds. Remote synchronisation You can use this function remotely to access externally filed data (addresses, calendar, etc.) and syn-...
  • Page 61: My Stuff

    My stuff Your phone comes with a file man- agement function to help you organ- ise your files. This functions in the same way as on a PC. Folders have already been created for different data types. If, for example, you want to download new pictures or sounds, the download function is contained in the relevant folder.
  • Page 62: Media Player

    RS MultiMediaCard™ The RS MultiMediaCard™ gives your phone a very large memory capacity. This allows you to save a large number of picture/video files and sound recordings, for example. However, you can also use this memory card like a floppy disk to save any other files you may wish to save.
  • Page 63: Customer Care

    You can also get personal advice about our range of products on our Premium Hotline: United Kingdom ... 0906 9597500 (0.75 £ per minute) Qualified Siemens employees are waiting to offer you expert information about our products and installation. In some countries repair and replace servic- es are impossible where the products are not sold through our authorised dealers.
  • Page 64 Lithuania ...8 70 07 07 00 Luxembourg...43 84 33 99 Macedonia ...02 13 14 84 Malaysia...+ 6 03 77 12 43 04 Malta ...+ 35 32 14 94 06 32 Mauritius ...2 11 62 13 Mexico ...01 80 07 11 00 03 Morocco ...22 66 92 09 Netherlands ...0 90 03 33 31 00 New Zealand...08 00 27 43 63...
  • Page 65: Care And Maintenance

    Care and maintenance Your phone has been designed and crafted with great care and attention and should also be treated with care. The suggestions below will help you to enjoy your phone for many years. • Protect your phone from moisture and hu- midity.
  • Page 66: Product Data

    Product data Declaration of conformity Siemens Information and Communi- cation mobile hereby declares that the phone described in this user guide is in compliance with the es- sential requirements and other rele- vant provisions of European Direc- tive 1999/5/EC (R&TTE). The relevant declaration of conformity (DoC) has been signed.
  • Page 67: Sar - European Union (rtte)

    Internet at this address While there may be differences between the SAR levels of various phones and at various positions, all Siemens products meet the le- gal requirements. The World Health Organization (WHO, CH-1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland)
  • Page 68: Sar - International (icnirp)

    The highest SAR value for this model phone when tested for use at the ear is 0.613 W/kg***. SAR information can also be found at While there may be differences between the SAR levels of various phones and at various positions, they all meet the international guidelines for safe RF exposure.
  • Page 69: Guarantee Certificate (uk)

    • In the case of new devices and their com- ponents exhibiting defects resulting from manufacturing and/or material faults with- in 24 months of purchase, Siemens shall, at its own option and free of charge, either replace the device with another device re- flecting the current state of the art, or re- pair the said device.
  • Page 70: Guarantee Certificate (irl)

    • In the case of new devices and their com- ponents exhibiting defects resulting from manufacturing and/or material faults within 24 months of purchase, Siemens shall, at its own option and free of charge, either re- place the device with another device re- flecting the current state of the art, or repair the said device.
  • Page 71: License Agreement

    Agreement and agree to be bound by all of the terms and conditions stat- ed below. You further agree that if Siemens or any licensor of Siemens ("Licensor") is re- quired to engage in any proceeding, legal or...
  • Page 72 AND FOR THE INSTALLATION, USE, AND RESULTS OBTAINED FROM IT. 8. NO OTHER OBLIGATIONS. This Agreement creates no obligations on the part of Siemens other than as specifically set forth herein. 9. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. IN NO EVENT SHALL SIEMENS, ITS EMPLOYEES, LI-...
  • Page 73 LAW OR IN THE EVENT OF INTENTIONAL MISCONDUCT, PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH. 10. TECHNICAL SUPPORT. Siemens has and its Licensors have no obli- gation to furnish you with technical support unless separately agreed in writing between You and Siemens or the applicable Licensor.
  • Page 74: Index

    Index Addressbook Calling an entry ... 23 Groups ... 23 New entry ... 22 Read entry ... 23 Aircraft mode... 41 Alarm (alarm clock)... 57 Alarm clock... 57 All calls (diversion)... 44 All incoming (barrings) ... 49 Answering machine (external) ... 37 Any key to answer ...
  • Page 75 Fast access... 51 Fast network search ... 49 Formatting (phone memory)... 45 Frequency range... 49 Games and applications ... 40 GPRS... 46 Groups ... 23 Guarantee certificate ... 68 Handsfree talking... 19 Headset (setting) ... 50 Hide ID ... 44 Highlighting mode...
  • Page 76 Change... 15 Control ... 15 Enter ... 10 PIN2 ... 15 Preferred network... 49 Preventing accidental activation... 16 Product data ... 65 Profiles WAP ... 39 Profiles (phone) ... 41 Provider logo ... 42 PUK, PUK2 ... 15 Push to talk... 55 Records ...

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