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of CF62 Leopard TMO SUG us, A31008-H6050-A40-1-4A19 (25.08.2004, 16:27)
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Safety precautions

Safety precautions
Please read the operating instructions and safety precautions carefully before use.
Information for parents
Explain the content and the hazards associated with using the phone to your children.
Remember to comply with
legal requirements and local
restrictions when using the
phone. For example, in air-
planes, gas stations, hospitals
or while driving.
Cellular phones can interfere
with the functioning of medical
devices such as hearing aids
or pacemakers. Keep at least
8 inches (21 cm) between
phone and pacemaker. When
using the cell phone hold it to
the ear which is farthest from the
pacemaker. For more information
consult your doctor.
The SIM card may be removed.
Caution! Small parts like this
could be swallowed by young
The mains voltage specified on
the power supply unit (V) must
not be exceeded. Otherwise
the charging device may be
Do not use a handheld while
The ringtone (p. 89), info tones
(p. 94) and speakerphone talk-
ing are reproduced through the
loudspeaker. Do not hold the
phone to your ear when it rings
or when you have switched on
the speakerphone function. Oth-
erwise you risk serious,
permanent damage to your
Use only original Siemens bat-
teries (100% mercury-free) and
charging devices. Otherwise
you risk serious damage to
health and property: The battery
may explode, for instance.
Do not open the phone. Only the
battery (100% mercury-free) or
SIM card may be replaced. You
must not open the battery under
any circumstances. Any other
changes to this device are
strictly prohibited, as they will
invalidate the type approval
required for operation of the unit.


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