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Barring restricts the use of your SIM
card (not supported by all service
providers). You need a 4-digit net-
work password for network barring.
Your service provider will give you
this password. You may need to be
registered separately for each
All outgoing
All outgoing calls except emergency
numbers are barred.
Outgoing intl.
(International outgoing)
Only national calls can be made. home
(International outgoing without
home country)
International calls are not permitted.
However you can make calls to your
home country when abroad.
All incoming
The phone is barred for all incoming
calls (forwarding of all calls to mail-
box provides a similar effect).
When roaming
You do not receive calls when you
are outside your home network. This
means that no charges are incurred
for incoming calls.
Status check
The following information can be
displayed after a status check:
Barring set.
Barring not set.
Status unknown
(e. g. new SIM card).
Clear all
All barrings are deleted. A password
which the service provider will give
you is necessary for this function.


Table of Contents

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