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tions of the United States foreign
agencies or authorities, and may not
export, or transfer for the purpose of
re-export, the mobile phone or any
part of the phone in violation of any
applicable restrictions, laws or regu-
lations, or without all necessary

Network Services

A number of features included in this
guide are called Network Services.
They are special services provided by
wireless service providers. In order
to use any of these Network Ser-
vices, you must subscribe to these
service(s) from your service provider
and obtain instructions for their use.
Some of these Network Services may
not be available when roaming on a
network other than your home net-
Standby and
Talk Time Information
The mobile phone incorporates fea-
tures that are new to the mobile
phone world. These may include
color displays and lighting, graphic
games, music reproduction and
browsing the Internet. The way you
use the display and the features will
affect the performance of the bat-
tery and how long it lasts between
charge cycles. The quoted standby
times and talk times show the mini-
mum and maximum performance
that can be expected from the bat-
tery under normal network condi-
Legal notices
tions and with the default settings as
set by the factory. However, playing
games (particularly with the back-
light continuously switched on) and
listening to music will shorten the
time available for standby and to
make and receive telephone calls.
Operation times also vary depending
on network conditions, SIM settings,
charging and battery condition, how
you use your phone and other fac-
The mobile phone contains an inter-
nal memory device that stores the
software required to operate the
mobile phone, communicate with
the GSM/GPRS network and provide
the user interface. Some features in
the internal memory run additional
devices and some additional games
and utilities. The amount of memory
available in the mobile phone is
finite and may be insufficient to
store large numbers of applications
and files.
Remember to back up your data and to do
so frequently. Always back up all data and
programs before sending the mobile phone
in for repair.


Table of Contents

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