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Surf & fun
Processing and administering your
applications and folders:
New folder
(For standard functions see p. 23)
Move applications between
Create and name new
Reinstall an application
Select a safety level.
Repeat after transmission
Show details of the applica-
tion/folder (name, version,
size, path, producer, date).
Display profile list for
Additional information
You can use WAP to download applications (e.g.
ringtones, games, images, animations) from the
Internet. Downloading or running applications will
not affect or change the software already
installed on your Java™-enabled mobile phone.
Siemens excludes all warranty and liability claims
in respect of or in connection with any applica-
tions subsequently installed by the customer and
any software not included in the original delivery
package. This also applies to functions enabled
subsequently at the customer's instigation. The
purchaser bears sole risk for the loss of, damage
to, and any defects arising in, this device or the
applications and for any direct damage or conse-
quential damage of whatever nature resulting
from the use of this application.
For technical reasons, such applications and sub-
sequent enabling of certain functions are lost in
the event of the device being replaced/re-sup-
plied and may be lost if it is repaired.
In such cases, the buyer is required to download
or release the application again. Please ensure
that your phone has Digital Rights Management
(DRM) so that individual applications downloaded
via WAP are protected from unauthorised repro-
duction. These applications are then exclusively
intended for your phone and cannot be trans-
ferred from this even to create a backup.
Siemens does not warranty, guarantee or accept
any liability for the customer's ability to download
or enable applications again or to do so free of
charge. If technically possible, back up your
applications to a Windows
"Mobile Phone Manager", p. 131,
PC using the


Table of Contents

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