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T9 word suggestions
If several options are found in the
dictionary for a key sequence (a
word), the most probable is dis-
played first. If the word you want has
not been recognised, the next sug-
gestion from T9 may be correct.
The word must
played. Then press
If the word you want is not in the dic-
tionary, it can also be written with-
out T9.
To add a word to the dictionary:
The last suggestion is deleted and
the word may now be entered with-
out T9 support. Press
automatically to the dictionary.
be dis-
again. The displayed word
is replaced with a differ-
ent word. If this word is
also incorrect, press
again. press until the cor-
rect word is displayed.
to add it
Text entry
Correct a word
Move left or right, word
by word, until the
required word is
Scroll through the T9
word suggestions again.
Deletes the character to
the left of the cursor and
displays a new possible
Additional information
Within a "T9-word", individual letters may
not be edited without first removing the
T9-status. In most cases it is better to
rewrite the complete word.
Set a full stop. The word is
concluded if it is followed by
a space. Within a word, a full
stop represents an apostro-
phe or hyphen:
Moving the cursor to the right
ends the word.
Press briefly: Switch
between: abc, Abc,
Abc, 123. Status shown in
top line of display.
Press and hold: All input
modes are displayed.
Press briefly: Select special
characters (p. 27).
Press and hold: Open input
menu (p. 28).
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Table of Contents

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