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Create/change entry:
Record new service provider (last
entry in the list):
Select, enter the provider data and
save it.
Additional information
If you are outside your home network, your
phone automatically dials another GSM
If the signal strength of the preferred net-
work is inadequate when you switch on the
phone, the phone may register in a different
network. This can change when the tele-
phone is next switched on or if another net-
work is selected manually.
Band selection
Select either GSM 900, GSM 1800 or
GSM 1900. Make sure that your ser-
vice provider supports the selected
Fast search
When this function is active, net-
work reconnection is speeded up
(standby time is reduced).
or select an existing entry,
then select a new service
provider in the list and
User group
Depending on service provider, you
can create groups with this service.
These can have access to internal
(company) information, for exam-
ple, or special tariffs apply. The
details can be clarified with your
service provider.
Activate/deactivate function. "User
group" must be deactivated for nor-
mal phone use.
Select group
You can select or add groups other
than preferred groups (see below).
Code numbers for the groups are
obtained from your service provider.
All outgoing
In addition to network control for a
user group, it is possible to set
whether outgoing calls outside the
group are permitted. If the function
is deactivated, only calls withinthe
group are permitted.
Pref. group
If activated, calls may only be made
within this standard user group
(depending on the network configu-


Table of Contents

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