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Installation - Hitachi EP-NZG70J Instruction Manual

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 A caster is attached at the base of the unit, thus it should be set on an even, stable and sturdy fl oor.
(No stopper attached to the caster)
 Avoid places near heating or cooling equipment and other similar equipment, and choose a location with a good air
 Keep the rear at least 3cm away from the wall. Depending on the operating environment, walls or fl oors near the
outlet may be stained as the unit draws in air. If this is a concern, move it from its current location and clean the sur-
rounding walls and fl oors regularly.
 Be sure to provide space around the sides of the unit so that the inlets and vents are not blocked by curtains or
*Air inlet and outlet must not
* Leave space
 Be careful not to pull or pinch the power cord.
 Leaving the unit at the same place for an extended period of time may leave stains on the walls and fl oors.
When cleaning the unit, move it to another place and also include cleaning the fl oor.
 Do not place on shelves, desks, tables or other similar places
Unit may fall due to vibration or tilting, and may cause injury and electric shock.
 Moving the unit with the caster can be done on a sturdy and even fl oor. To move the unit on a mat,
carpet, or places with uneven surface, carry the unit by its handle.
EP-NZG70J_EN.indd 16
EP-NZG70J_EN.indd 16
be covered by curtains or
At least 3cm
* Leave space
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