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Cautions On Use; Air Cleaner Deodorizing Performance - Hitachi EP-NZG70J Instruction Manual

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Cautions on Use

Do not operate with the fi lter detached
Otherwise, no cleaning effect can be expected. It
may also cause unit failure.
Do not block or touch the odor and
dust sensors
It may reduce the sensitivity of the sensors.
Do not use in locations near cooking appliances
It may cause deformation and dis-
coloration due to heat or oily smoke,
unit damage or fire.
Place the purifier and the cooking appli-
ance at least 1m apart from each other.
Ventilate closed rooms occasionally
The purifier does not have
a ventilation effect (remov-
al of carbon monoxide
and other contaminants).
* The purifier cannot re-
move harmful substanc-
es in cigarettes (carbon
monoxide, etc.).

Air Cleaner Deodorizing Performance

 The fi lter of the air purifi er does not remove all odors at once, but rather circulates the air in the room, re-
moving odors gradually.
 The fi lter is disposable. The deodorizing performance of the fi lter decreases with use.
 When the odor emitted from the vent becomes bothersome, clean the fi lter.
 When the fi lter has absorbed strong odors or has been continually used in an odorous room, the odor com-
ponents remain in the fi lter and unit, causing the odor to be emitted from the vent.
If this happens, you can decrease the amount of odor that remains in the unit by continuing to operate the
purifi er while ventilating the room.
 The dust and other contaminants attached to the fi lter and unit also contain odor components.
Periodically clean the fi lter and unit so that odor is less likely to be emitted from the vent.
 If the odor emitted from the vent remains bothersome after cleaning, replace the fi lter.
EP-NZG70J_EN.indd 13
EP-NZG70J_EN.indd 13
Do not directly fan plants and animals
It may adversely affect them.
Refrain from placing any ob-
ject on the unit and blocking
the air inlet and outlet
Doing so may cause unit failure
and injury.
Refrain from moving (changing the orienta-
tion or lifting the unit, etc.) during operation
Moving the unit while in operation may cause the fan
to hit the inner case, generate noise, pull and discon-
nect the power cord, and cause unit failure.
Do not use near television or radio
Doing so may interfere with
Please them at least 2m apart
from each other.
The same applies for cord-
less phones and wireless mi-
(P.E-23, E-24)
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6/30/2017 5:08:48 PM



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