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 This function does not apply to CReader 7001, CReader 7001F and CReader 9081.
 Before diagnosing, please make sure the diagnostic program corresponding to certain
vehicle model has been installed on your tool.
 For vehicles manufactured by different manufacturers, it is possible that it has
different diagnostic menus.

5.2.1 Read Vehicle Information

This function is used to read the version information of system mode, vehicle VIN,
software and ECU.

5.2.2 Read Fault Code

This function displays the detailed information of DTC records retrieved from the
vehicle's control system.

5.2.3 Clear Fault Code

After reading the retrieved codes from the vehicle and certain repairs have been
carried out, you can use this function to erase the codes from the vehicle. Before
performing this function, please be sure the vehicle's ignition key is in the ON
position with the engine off.

5.2.4 Read Data Stream

This option retrieves and displays live data and parameters from the vehicle's ECU.
5.3 Resetting
(Only applies to CReader 7001/7011F/8001/8011/8021/9081)
There are two methods to reset service lamp: Manual reset or Auto reset. Auto
reset follows the principle of sending command from the tool to vehicle's ECU to
do resetting. While using manual reset, users just follow the on-screen
instructions to select appropriate execution options, enter correct data or values,
and perform necessary actions, the system will guide you through the complete
performance for various service operations.
Note: This function is not available on CReader 6011.
For CReader 7001/7001F/9081, just follow the flowchart below to perform
CReader Series English User's Manual

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents