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Seagull Models SEAX139 Assembly Manual


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" Graphics and specifications may change without notice " .
Code: SEAX139
Wingspan---------------50.4 in ( 128 cm).
Wing area---------------375 (24.2
Weight-------------------2.8-3.1 lbs (1.25-1.4 kg).
Length-------------------33.8 in (85.8 cm).
Recommend engine size-------Motor 480
--------------------------------------Power 15 or Power 25
Radio---------------------4 channels with 4 servos.


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Summary of Contents for Seagull Models SEAX139

  • Page 1 WWW.SEAGULLMODELS.COM A S S E M B L Y M A N U A L “ Graphics and specifications may change without notice “ . Code: SEAX139 (SEAX139W) Specifications: Wingspan---------------50.4 in ( 128 cm). Wing area---------------375 (24.2 Weight-------------------2.8-3.1 lbs (1.25-1.4 kg).
  • Page 2: Kit Contents

    SHOESTRING 25e EP INTRODUCTION. Thank you for choosing the SHOESTRING 25e EP ARTF by SEAGULL MODELS COMPANY LTD,. The SHOESTRING 25e EP was designed with the intermediate/ad- vanced sport flyer in mind. It is a semi scale airplane which is easy to fly and quick to as- semble.
  • Page 3: Hinging The Aileron

    WWW.SEAGULLMODELS.COM KIT CONTENTS. HINGING THE AILERON. SEAX139 SHOESTRING 25e EP Note : The control surfaces, including the ai- lerons, elevators, and rudder, are prehinged SEAX13901 Fuselage with hinges installed, but the hinges are not SEAX13902 Wing set glued in place. It is imperative that you prop-...
  • Page 4: Installing The Aileron Servos

    Instruction Manual. SHOESTRING 25e EP 4) Deflect the aileron and completely satu- 8) After both ailerons are securely hinged, rate each hinge with thin C/A glue. The ailer- firmly grasp the wing panel and aileron to ons front surface should lightly contact the make sure the hinges are securely glued and wing during this procedure.
  • Page 5 WWW.SEAGULLMODELS.COM 6)Secure the servo using the screws provided with the servo and a screwdriver. The output shaft of the servo will align with the opening in the cover. 3) Use a drill bit to drill the holes for the ser- vo mounting screws.
  • Page 6 Instruction Manual. SHOESTRING 25e EP 2x12mm 12) Use a drill bit to drill the two holes completely through the aileron for the ai- leron control horn mounting screws. The holes have already been started and are easily found on the bottom of the aileron. 10) Apply 1-2 drops of thin CA in each of the holes to harden the surrounding wood for the aileroon cover screws.
  • Page 7 WWW.SEAGULLMODELS.COM 2) Using the hardware provided, mount the main landing gear to the fuselage. 3) Place the fuselage inverted on the workbench in a suitable stand. Set the landing gear in place and use a screw- drive to secure the landing gear to the fu- selage using bolts M4x15mm and wash- ers.
  • Page 8 Instruction Manual. SHOESTRING 25e EP WHEELS AND WHEEL PANTS. 1) Remove the hardware from the axle. Place a drop of light machine oil on the axle to help the wheel roll freely. 2) Slide the axle into the wheel. 6) Fit the landing gear fairings over the gear.
  • Page 9 WWW.SEAGULLMODELS.COM ELECTRIC POWER CONVERSION. Please see below pictures. 3x20mm 1) Route the leads for the motor through the hole in the firewall. 4) Repeat above steps to install the re- maining wheel and wheel pant on the landing gear. 2) Loop a tie-wrap ( not included) through the plate in the fuselage right above the landing gear plate.
  • Page 10 Instruction Manual. SHOESTRING 25e EP 5) Route the battery lead through the opening in the fuselage. The lead for the receiver is routed under the battery tray and receiver, then plugged into the throt- tle channel of the receiver. Mount the switch from the speed control in the fu- selage where it can be accessed when the canopy is removed.
  • Page 11: Installing The Propeller

    WWW.SEAGULLMODELS.COM COWLING. Please see below pictures. INSTALLING THE PROPELLER. Holes. The propeller should not touch any part of the spinner cone. If it does, use a sharp modeling knife and carefully trim away the spinner cone where the propel- ler comes in contact with it. The cowl can now be secured to the fuse- lage using the four 2x6mm metal screws.
  • Page 12: Stabilizer Installation

    Instruction Manual. SHOESTRING 25e EP 2) Carefully remove the elevator from one of the horizontal stabilizer panels. Note the position of the hinges. 3) Remove each hinge from the horizon- STABILIZER INSTALLATION. tal stabilizer panel and elevator and place a T-pin in the center of each hinge. Slide 1) Using a ruler and a pen, locate the each hinge into the elevator until the T-pi centerline of the horizontal stabilizer, at...
  • Page 13 WWW.SEAGULLMODELS.COM 6) Using a modeling knife, carefully re- move the covering that overlaps the sta- bilizer mounting platform sides in the fuselage. Remove the covering from both the top and the bottom of the platform sides. Epoxy 4) With the stabilizer held firmly in place, use a pen and draw lines onto the stabi- lizer where it and the fuselage sides meet.
  • Page 14: Installing Vertical Stabilizer

    Instruction Manual. SHOESTRING 25e EP INSTALLING VERTICAL STABILIZER. 3) While holding the vertical stabilizer firmly in place, use a pen and draw a line on eachside of the vertical stabilizer where it meets the top of the fuselage. 1) Using a modeling knife, remove the covering from over the precut hinge slot cut into the lower rear portion of the fu- selage.
  • Page 15: Servo And Pushrod Installation

    WWW.SEAGULLMODELS.COM SERVO AND PUSHROD INSTALLATION. 1) Place the rudder servo in the fuselage with the output shaft to the front of the fuselage. Position the servo so the edge toward the center is centered in the open- ing. Use a pencil to transfer the positions for the mounting screws on the servo tray.
  • Page 16: Apply The Decals

    Instruction Manual. SHOESTRING 25e EP 8) Repeat above steps to connect the el- evator pushrod wire. The positions and measurements for the elevator connec- tions are the same as the rudder. 6) Use a pin vise and drill bit to drill the two locations for the control horn mount- ing screws.
  • Page 17 WWW.SEAGULLMODELS.COM Insert canopy hatch into fuselage as be- ATTACHMENT WING- FUSELAGE. low pictures. Slide the aluminum tube into fuselage. Wing tube. Insert two wing panels as pictures below. BALANCING. 1) It is critical that your airplane be balanced correctly. Improper balance will cause your plane to lose control and crash.
  • Page 18: Control Throws

    Instruction Manual. SHOESTRING 25e EP Accurately mark the balance point on the botttom of the wing on both sides of the fuselage. The balance point is located 60 60 to 66 mm to 66mm back from the leading edge of the wing at the wing root.
  • Page 20: Flight Preparation

    Instruction Manual. SHOESTRING 25e EP FLIGHT PREPARATION. PREFLIGHT CHECK. Check the operation and direction 1) Completely charge your trans- of the elevator, rudder, ailerons and mitter and receiver batteries before throttle. your first day of flying. 2) Check every bolt and every glue A) Plug in your radio system per the joint in the SHOESTRING 25E EP...

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