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Device Assembly Sequence; Important Information About Transporting The Camera And The Dome To A Site; Part I - Pre-Configuration; Figure 1-3 Motorola Wmc6300 And The Wmc7300 Wireless Modem Card - Motorola MOTOMESH 1.2 Setup And Configuration Manual

Mesh camera system
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Device Assembly Sequence

The Device Assembly can be broken down into three main parts, Part I - Pre-Configuration, Part II -
Indoor Assembly, and Part III - Outdoor Installation, prior to configuring the Motorola WMC7300
wireless card for the MOTOMESH network.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION about Transporting the Camera and the
Dome to a Site
for long distances. Doing so will cause damage to the Camera and the Dome.
The Camera and Dome can be transported a short distance when taking care
to store and protect the unit during transport.
Part I – Pre-Configuration
1. Inspect the Camera Installation Site for the following information prior to beginning the Indoor
Assembly tasks, whenever possible:
A.) How much 24 VAC cord Length will be needed (per camera)
B.) How much 120VAC cord length will be needed (per camera)
C.) What type of Bracket will be required to attach camera assembly to pole
2. If there are several cameras to install and you would like to save time in the long term, you can
choose to:
A.) Wire-up a temporary power supply:
3. Write down the MAC Address of each Wireless Modem Card in the table provided below, as you
will need it later for configuration purposes. The MAC Address is provided on a label located on
the back of a Motorola WMC7300 card.
Figure 1-3
6881011Y68-B October 2006
MOTOMESH 1.2 Mesh Camera System Setup and Configuration Guide
i. three prong wall plug 120V
ii. two-conductor power wire
Motorola WMC6300 and the WMC7300 Wireless Modem Card


Table of Contents

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