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Part Iii - Outdoor Installation; Figure 1-12 Pole Mount Adapter (Install At Site); Figure 1-13 Sony Camera Remote Antenna Kit - Motorola MOTOMESH 1.2 Setup And Configuration Manual

Mesh camera system
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Overview
TIP FROM THE FIELD: You will need to manually wire (setup) the power supply to
support BOTH the camera (yellow and orange wire) AND the Heater/Blower (green and
blue wire). A total of four lines will need to be powered up on the connector.
4. Assemble the gooseneck (with the two clamps) indoors or if using with the pole mount then install
at the site.
Figure 1-12
5. Assemble the power supply with straps or the two clamps (like the gooseneck).
6. Run the load side power and alarm line from the power supply through the gooseneck and connect
all the power/alarm lines using the plugs to the camera/outdoor housing.
7. Connect all the parts of the antenna kit during indoor assembly. (Attach antenna at site.)
Figure 1-13

Part III - Outdoor Installation

1. Place the housing into the connector at the end of the gooseneck and tighten the set screws.
2. Mount the Camera to the Pole. If using the Pole Mount Adaptor use the following steps:
A.) Attach the gooseneck wall mount to the pole mount adaptor (bolt/nuts).
6881011Y68-B October 2006
Pole Mount Adapter (install at site)
Sony Camera Remote Antenna Kit
Bracket (to Gooseneck)


Table of Contents