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Measurement Procedure - Walgreens WGNBPA-940A Manual

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• Blood pressure changes with every heartbeat and is in constant
fluctuation throughout the day.
• Blood pressure measurement can be affected by the position of
the user, his or her physiologic condition and other factors.
Before Measurement:
To help ensure an accurate reading, follow these instructions before
taking a measurement:
• Wait 1 hour after exercising, bathing, eating, drinking beverages
with alcohol or caffeine, or smoking to measure blood pressure.
• Sit quietly and rest for 15 minutes.
• Stress raises blood pressure. Avoid taking measurements during
stressful times.
• Take your reading in a comfortable environment as
measurements can be affected by hot or cold temperatures.
Take your blood pressure at normal body temperature.
During Measurement:
• Do not talk or move your arm or hand muscles.
• Do not cross your legs. Sit with feet flat on the floor.
• Do not touch cuff or monitor during measurement.
1. With the cuff wrapped around your arm, press the START/STOP
button. Do not inflate the cuff unless it is wrapped around your
arm. All digits will light up to check the display functions. The
checking procedure will be completed after about 3 seconds.
2. After all symbols disappear, the display will show "00". The
monitor is "Ready to Measure" and will automatically inflate
the cuff to start measurement.
3. When the measurement is completed, the
cuff will deflate entirely. Systolic pressure,
diastolic pressure and pulse will be shown
simultaneously on the LCD screen. The
measurement is then automatically stored
into memory.
• This monitor automatically turns off approximately 1 minute after
last operation. You may also press the START/STOP button to
turn the unit off.
• To interrupt the measurement, you may press the START/
STOP (recommended) or M buttons.
The cuff will deflate immediately after a button is pressed.

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Table of Contents

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