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Korg TRITON TAKTILE Owner's Manual Page 5

Usb controller keyboard/synthesizer.
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Registering to favorites
You can use the F1–F8 buttons to register and easily recall
your favorite programs.
1. Select the program that you wish to register.
2. Press the ASSIGN button and select SET A or SET B
(LED lights up).
3. While pressing the EXIT button, press the buttons from
F1–F8 that you wish to use for registering, and register
your favorites.
4. If you press the F1–F8 buttons with SET A or SET B
selected, it is possible to instantly select the registered
2. Performing along a scale
The TRITON taktile has a function that allows you to per-
form along a specified scale using the touchpad or the trig-
ger pad.
This function simplifies procedures like triggering a sound
with the trigger pad (chord scale) and playing a melody or
a bass line with the touchpad (touch scale).
Specifying a scale and a key
Specify a scale and a key to be assigned to the touchpad
or the trigger pad.
1. Choose the "Scale" or the "Key" parameter with the
buttons, and specify a desired scale or key
using the value slider.
Performing with the touchpad (touch scale)
The touch scale is a function that allows you to perform
with the touchpad using the scale and key that you've
1. Press the TOUCH SCALE button to enter touch scale
2. Perform by rubbing your finger over the touchpad or
tapping it.
TIP You can control parameters that were set by moving your
finger on the touchpad in the longitudinal direction. For
information on how to set up parameters, please refer to
the Parameter Guide.
Only a fingertip should be used to control the value slider.
You shouldn't use anything hard or pointed and you
shouldn't be wearing gloves.
Playing chords with the trigger pad (chord scale)
The chord scale is a function that allows you to play chords
with the trigger pad using a specified key and scale.
1. Press the CHORD SCALE button to place the trigger
pad into chord scale mode.
2. Perform by tapping the trigger pad.
3. When choosing the "Chord Variation" parameter with
the page
buttons, you can control the richness of
the chords with the value slider.
You can make your performance more expressive by
controlling the Variation parameter while you play.
3. Playing a drum with the trig-
ger pad
Press the NOTE/CONTROL button to place the trigger
pad into note/control mode.
Select the drum sound program and tap the trigger pad to
perform (→ 1. Choosing the program).
TIP With the DRS/HIT/SE category (F8 button), you can se-
lect the drum sound program.
TIP At the factory prior to shipment, optimum note messages
for the general GM-compatible drum kit are assigned to
the trigger pad. When using the software synthesizer, the
software may not be compliant with the GM standard.
Please change the assignment referring to The TRITON
taktile Parameter Guide.
Selecting a trigger pad bank
The trigger pad of The TRITON taktile has two banks: A
and B. For example, you can assign drum sounds to bank
A and percussion sounds to bank B, or use both A and B
for up to 32 (for the TRITON taktile-25, up to 16) sample
Choose the "Pad Bank" with the page
select a bank with the value slider.
TIP An LED for the trigger pad lights up in red for bank A, and
in blue for the bank B.
TIP To select between banks A and B, you can also press the
NOTE/CONTROL button again.
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