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Ieee1394 Digital Interface; Settings For This Unit; Precautions For Use - Panasonic AJ-HD1400E Operating Instructions Manual

Panasonic digital hd video cassette recorder operating instructions aj-hd1400p, aj-hd1400e
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IEEE1394 digital interface

Settings for this unit

Confirm that menu No. 882 DIF IN CH and No. 883 DIF OUT
CH of this unit are set to "AUTO."
Input-output of the digital input signal is enabled when "59/
60" is selected in menu No. 25 SYSTEM FREQ and
operated in 59.94 Hz. Input-output of the digital input signal
is enabled when "50i/25P" is selected in menu No. 25
SYSTEM FREQ as well.
The incoming signal is limited to the format selected in
menu No. 020 SYSTEM FORMAT.
The output format is determined according to the list
shown below.
Playback format
For EE mode or recording/editing
(Including scene-to-scene
Select a value other than "1394"
with the INPUT SELECT button
on the front panel.
* CH1/CH2 or CH3/CH4 can be selected as the output audio
With the following setting, the signal is not output from the
IEEE1394 digital interface.
When "23/24," "25 (HD)," "25 (SD)," "50 (HD)," or "50 (SD)" is
selected in menu No. 025 SYTEM FREQ
When the unit operates in 60 Hz/24 Hz
Output data format

Precautions for use

Connect the interface with another device on a 1:1 basis.
If the E-92 warning (1394 INITIAL ERROR) is displayed,
either re-connect the connecting cable or turn the VTR's
power off and back on.
The AV signals may be disrupted when the power of the
connected devices is turned on or off and when the
interface cable is connected or disconnected.
When the input signals are switched or the mode is
transferred, it may take a few seconds for the system to
stabilize. Proceed with the recording operation only after
the system has stabilized.
The following situation applies when recording is to be
performed by selecting the IEEE1394 digital interface
input, and it applies with the signals which are output by
the IEEE1394 digital interface.
The audio level control knobs on the front panel do not
work. The settings in menu No. 680/681/695 are
ignored and the blanking will not be applied.
When playback signals other than regular 1a speed
playback signals have been input, no guarantees are
made for the pictures and sound which will be
recorded or for the EE-type pictures and sound.
The following situation applies when the video input
selection has been set as the IEEE1394 digital interface.
The SDI signals, the analog video output signals and
time code output signals become irregular in the EE
mode. Do not use these signals for recording
purposes. (The teletext signals and other signals
superimposed onto the video output signals also
become irregular.)
During SLOW/STILL playback, unprocessed video and
audio signals are output as the IEEE1394 digital interface
output. When these video and audio signals are monitored
using another device, they may differ from the video and
audio signals played back by this unit.
When the equipment for non-linear editing is connected to
this unit, do not start any other application program than
software for the non-linear edit. Non-linear editing
equipment may garble the output video picture.
Be absolutely sure not to defeat the following
safeguards when connecting the IEEE1394
(1) Ensure that the unit and all devices to be
connected are grounded (or connected to a
common ground).
If the equipment cannot be grounded, first turn off
the power of all the connected devices, and then
disconnect and re-connect the IEEE1394 cable.
(2) When connecting the unit to a device equipped
with a 4-pin connector, connect the unit's
connector (6-pin type) first.
(3) When making a connection to a PC equipped
with a 6-pin connector, connect the 1394 cable
so that it mates properly with the 1394
connector. Bear in mind that if the plug is
inserted the wrong way round, the unit may be
damaged as a result.


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