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Introduction; Features - Panasonic AJ-HD1400E Operating Instructions Manual

Panasonic digital hd video cassette recorder operating instructions aj-hd1400p, aj-hd1400e
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This unit is a multi-format VTR capable of recording and
playing back HD signals (1080i/59.94 Hz, 1080i/50 Hz,
720P/59.94 Hz, 720P/50 Hz) in DVCPRO HD-LP format
using a small cassette tape 1/4 inch wide, HD (DVCPRO
recorded in DVCPRO format as well as conventional
consumer DV/DVCAM tapes.
A down-converter as a standard feature verifies all tapes
using analog composite signals and SD SDI output.
Similarly, each of the following output signals can be


Compact size and light weight
The unit has a width of 214 mm (8-7/16 inches), a height
of 132 mm (5-1/4 inches), and a depth of 442 mm (17-3/
8 inches) (Protruding portion is not included), and
weighs only 8.5 kg (18.74 lb).
Grips are also attached for easy carry.
Efficient installation in a rack
The unit's width is one-half of 19 inches and its height is
3U: this translates into greater saving of installation
space in a standard rack compared to conventional
DVCPRO HD cassette tapes used
The unit uses 1/4-inch wide cassette tapes.
When recording HD signals, use DVCPRO HD
High image quality
The unit achieves a high image quality by recording
4:2:2 HD component signals with a recording rate (=100
Mbps) which is four times as high as that for existing
DVCPRO formats.
1080i or 720p, NTSC or PAL selectable
By switching the settings provided for the video signal
input (1080i/59.94 Hz or 720p/59.94 Hz) on the setup
menu, the unit can record and playback each signal and
also playback NTSC SD material.
The unit also supports the PAL mode. Playback of
1080i/50 Hz, record and playback of 720P/50 Hz or
playback of PAL SD materials is enabled by switching
the setting on the system menu.
720/25p over 60p sources can be converted to 1080/25
PsF or 576i format output signals.
720/50p over 60p sources can be converted to 720/50p,
1080/50i or 576i format output signals.
The compact size and light weight of the unit enable it to be
carried around and mounted in a standard rack with ease.
You can perform the unit's settings interactively with the on-
screen menus displayed on the TV monitor.
* DVCPRO HD-LP has the same format as the DVCPRO HD EX
described in the operation manual of our camera recorder.
Frame rate conversion
When playing back a tape recorded at a frame rate of 24
fps using a variable frame rate camera, the tape's
signals can be converted to the 1080/24 PsF format and
output by selecting a menu item setting.
When playing back a tape recorded at a frame rate of 25
fps, the tape's signals can be converted to the 1080/25
PsF or 576i format and output. When playing back a
tape recorded at a frame rate of 50 fps, the tape signals
can be converted to the 1080/50i or 576i format and
Use tapes that are shot with a variable frame rate
Do not use dubbed or edited tapes. The tape control
information may be lost, making it impossible to
convert the signals for playback.
DVCPRO-compatible playback
In addition to DVCPRO HD-LP playback, the unit can
play back tapes recorded using the existing DVCPRO
HD, DVCPRO50 and DVCPRO formats.
It can also play back consumer DV tapes (SP) and
DVCAM tapes.
SD down-converter
The unit comes with a built-in SD down-converter as a
standard feature to enable the output of SD SDI signals
and analog composite signals at the same time as HD
SDI output signals and for monitoring the signals on an
SD monitor.
Up-convert function
When an SD format tape is played back, it is possible to
output the signals in the HD SDI output and HD analog
component signals while at the same time outputting
them in SD format, since this unit includes the HD
converter as a standard feature.


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