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Repeat Playback; Setting The Begin And End Points; Setting The Repeat Playback Mode - Panasonic AJ-HD1400E Operating Instructions Manual

Panasonic digital hd video cassette recorder operating instructions aj-hd1400p, aj-hd1400e
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Repeat playback

Setting the BEGIN and END points

Press the MENU button.
Select menu item No. 161 CTL (TC) BGN or No. 162
END, and tilt the joystick right/left while pressing the
SEARCH button.
By operating the joystick, the user can choose whether
or not to set the BEGIN and END points. "--:--:--:--"
appears on the display when the points are not set. If
repeat playback is initiated in this state, the tape start will
serve as the BEGIN point, and the tape end will serve as
the END point.
Press the joystick while the setting is displayed. The
changed digits flash on the display.
Select TC or CTL using the COUNTER button.
Incline the joystick to the left or right, and select the digits
to change (flashing).
The frame digits cannot be selected. "00" is always
displayed for these digits.
When the joystick is now inclined upward or downward,
the value of the digits changes.
The counter display is reset to 00:00:00:00 when the
RESET button is pressed.
After the settings have been completed, press the
Press the MENU button.
The settings for the BEGIN and END points are not stored in
user default. Even if the factory settings and/or the user
defaults are loaded, the settings for the BEGIN and END
points are not revised. For user defaults, refer to "Setup
(initial settings)" (page 27).

Setting the repeat playback mode

Press the MENU button.
Select menu item No.160 MEMORY MODE, and select
the repeat playback mode.
Item setting
Description of operation
Normal operation
When the tape is fast forwarded or
rewound, it stops near the BEGIN
When the tape is played as far as the
END point, it is rewound to the BEGIN
point where it stops.
When the tape is played as far as the
END point, it is rewound to the BEGIN
point and played, and this sequence of
operations is repeated.
Press the MENU button.
A confirmation screen now appears. The settings are
stored in the memory if the PLAY button is now pressed.
The picture quality deteriorates when repeat playback is
initiated for the same tape over and over again. As a
general rule of thumb, replace the tape with a new one
after playing back the tape for about 100 times.
The output images to be displayed while the tape is being
rewound to the BEGIN point in the repeat playback mode
can be set using menu item No.163 REPT MODE.
If "FREEZE" is selected as the REPT MODE setting and
the tape end has been set as the END point, the playback
image will not be frozen properly. Set the END point at a
place on the tape where images have been recorded.
If the counter display mode (TC or CTL), which was
established when menu item No.161 CTL (TC) BGN and
No.162 END were set, is different from the counter display
mode (TC or CTL) in which repeat playback is to be
initiated, the repeat lamp flashes, and the repeat playback
operation cannot be performed.
When consumer-use DV and DVCAM tapes are used, the
repeat playback mode is disabled.


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