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Connecting The Wireless Router With An Air Conditioner By The Network (Select One Of The 2 Methods) - Samsung MIM-H02 User & Installation Manual

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Connecting the wireless router with an air conditioner by the network (Select one of the 2 methods)

Connecting network with WPS setting
• Please check whether a wireless router supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup
• Check whether the wireless router has the 'WPS' (
❋ Samsung smart air conditioner uses only PBC method of WPS .
1 . Press the 'WPS' button of a Wi-Fi kit .
- When the kit is in normal operation, LED 2 will go off and LED 3 will blink at an interval of 4sec and 1sec .
2 . Press the 'WPS' button of a wireless router .
• Since the way to operate the wireless router in WPS mode may vary according to wireless router manufacturer,
please refer to the manual of corresponding manufacturer
For certain wireless routers, if you press the 'WPS' button for a long time, the set value of the wireless router may be
initialized . Please be careful about that .
3 . When setting is done successfully, LED 2 of a Wi-Fi kit will blink according to Wi-Fi connection status .
- When setting a wireless router with WPS function, one wireless router can be set with only one device at the same time .
- When setting multiple devices, each device should be set separately .
- When operating WPS mode according to each wireless router feature, the setting information of a wireless router such
as SSID will change automatically, which can disconnect all the connection with current devices . Therefore, please refer
to the manual of a corresponding wireless router .
Connecting network with a Smart phone APP
Setting application on Samsung smart phone (Android based smart phone )
• Android based smart phone users can download the Smart A/C application by searching 'Smart Air Conditioner' at
Android market(Google Play Store) or Samsung Apps .
Use the 'Smart Air Conditioner(CAC)' from the searched applications .
1 . Connect the power cable of the air conditioner and then press the 'AP' button on the side of the Wi-Fi kit .
Check if the 'AP/WPS' lamp on the front panel blinks .
2 . After operating Smart A/C application, press the [Network Setting] tab .
3 . Press the [Setting Start] tab .
CAC WiFi Kit APP_03384A(1).indd 15
(WPS) .
) button .
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