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Pan / Tilt / Zoom Using Joystick; System Requirements; Installing The Controller - Samsung SPC-2000 User Manual

Network controller
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Pan / Tilt / Zoom Using Joystick

■ To pan your camera, pull the joystick left and right. To tilt, pull it up and down. The farther
you move the joystick from the center, the faster the camera moves. To zoom in and out
on the monitoring screen, rotate the joystick clockwise or counterclockwise. The more you
rotate the joystick, the faster the zoom speed is.
Pic 2. Pan & Tilt Control
[ Zoom Wide Action ]
Pic 3. Zoom Control
Network Controller
[ Zoom Tele Action ]
User Guide

System Requirements

- Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
- Microsoft DirectX 7.0a or higher
- USB conversion software that detects the controller via DirectX
- 1 USB port

Installing the Controller

1. Turn on your computer, and then connect the controller to the USB port.
2. A window appears informing you that a new device has been detected.
3. Your computer detects the controller automatically.
(If necessary, install the controller following the instructions in the installation window.)
4. Once the controller is detected, its name displays under the Game Controllers list in
Control Panel.
[Start] → [Settings] → [Control Panel] → [Game Controllers]
Pic 4. Control Panel
Network Controller
User Guide



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