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Trouble Shooting - Samsung MIM-H02 User & Installation Manual

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Trouble shooting

Before you make a call to a service center, please check the items in the table below .
Check whether the Wi-Fi of the Smart phone
is activated .
Air conditioner
Check whether the Smart phone and the
cannot be found
air conditioner are connected to different
at Smart A/C
wireless routers
application .
Check whether the Wi-Fi(
Wi-Fi kit is on .
The Smart phone is connected to the air conditioner correctly but it
does not work .
When selecting In-home function of the Smart A/C application,
multiple appliances are searched .
I don't have ID and Password to log in to Out-of-home of Smart A/C
application .
Check whether the Wi-Fi(
Wi-Fi kit is on .
function of Smart
A/C application does
Check whether the Wi-Fi(
not work .
Wi-Fi kit blinks at an interval of 3 sec .
CAC WiFi Kit APP_03384A(1).indd 27
Check point
) light on the
) light on the
) light on the
Activate the Wi-Fi connection of the Smart phone .
The Smart phone and the air conditioner should be
connected to the same wireless router .
Check whether the air conditioner is correctly connected to
a wireless router .
Restart the Smart A/C application or reconnect the Smart
phone with the wireless router .
Select the air conditioner whose device number is the same
as your air conditioner on the list .
Join the membership at Samsung Smart appliance website
http://global . s amsungsmartappliance . c om
your air conditioner .
Check whether the air conditioner is connected to the
wireless router correctly .
Check whether the wireless router is connected to internet
correctly .
) and register
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