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Undo Form Of A Command; Cli View Description - HP 5120 series Configuration Manual

Gigabit ethernet switches.
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Use the clock datetime time date command as an example to understand the meaning of the command
line parameters according to
Figure 2 Read command line parameters
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For example, you can type the following command line at the CLI of your device and press Enter to set
the device system time to 10 o'clock 30 minutes 20 seconds, February 23, 2010.
<sysname> clock datetime 10:30:20 2/23/2010
You can read any command that is more complicated by referring to

Undo form of a command

The undo form of a command restores the default, disables a function, or removes a configuration.
Almost all configuration commands have an undo form. For example, the info-center enable command
enables the information center, and the undo info-center enable command disables the information

CLI view description

Commands are grouped into different classes by function. To use a command, you must enter the class
view of the command.
CLI views adopt a hierarchical structure. See
After logging in to the switch, you are in user view. The prompt of user view is <device name>. In
user view, you can perform display, debugging, and file management operations, set the system
time, restart your device, and perform FTP and telnet operations.
You can enter system view from user view. In system view, you can configure parameters such as
daylight saving time, banners, and short-cut keys.
From system view, you can enter different function views. For example, enter interface view to
configure interface parameters, create a VLAN and enter its view, enter user interface view to
configure login user attributes, create a local user and enter local user view to configure the
password and level of the local user.
Enter ? in any view to display all the commands that can be executed in this view.
time date
clock datetime
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Replace them with
actual values at the


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