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System Setup; Power Management - Panasonic CF-35 Operating Instructions Manual

Cf-35 series personal computer.
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System setup

9 In [Start] - [Run], input [c:\install.bat] then press
Rebooting will be done automatically.
10 In [Start] - [Programs] - [Windows Explorer], delete two
files named [install] on the C: drive.
Device Manager 1
11 In [Start] - [Settings] - [Control Panel] - [System] - [Device
Manager] - [View devices by connection], select [PCI bus] in
[Plug and Play BIOS], press
• When the message appears to reboot your computer, press
. Rebooting will be done automatically.
• If the computer asks you to insert the Windows 95 CD-
ROM, please set the CD-ROM and press
• At the [New Hardware Found], [L:\WIN95] is displayed.
Rewrite this to [D:\WIN95].
• Then, when the [Version Conflict] appears, select
12 Press
at the [Update Device Driver Wizard of Intel
82371AB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller] and
• If [Update Device Driver Wizard of Intel 82371AB PCI
Bus Master IE Controller] is not displayed, please go to
step 13 after step 11 .
Video driver
13 Press
at the [Update Device Driver Wizard of Stan-
dard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA)].
14 Select
. Then, press
15 At the [Insert Disk], select
16 At the [Copying Files], type [c:\util\drivers\video] and press
The display will ask you to restart Windows, press
(at times, the message may appear a few times)

Power Management

17 Delete the check mark
and [When powered by batteries] in [Start] - [Settings] - [Con-
trol Panel] - [Power] - [Disk Drives], then press
18 Set [Mobile or docking system] in [Control Panel] - [Sys-
tem] - [Performance] - [File System] - [Typical role of this
machine], and then press
Device Manager 2
19 Add the check mark
2.1 call] in [Device Manager] - [System devices] - [PCI bus]
- [IRQ Steering], then press
20 At the [System Properties], press
ask you to restart Windows. Remove the floppy disk and press
, then press
, input [c:\util\drivers\video], and
for [When powered by AC power]
for [Get IRQ table from PCIBIOS
. The display will
Sound Driver
21 In [Control Panel] - [System] - [Device Manager],
for each item in [Sound, Video and Game Con-
troller], press
to confirm the deletion.
• Select [PCMCIA socket] and if the [PCIC or
compatible PCMCIA controller] is displayed,
perform a similar delete operation.
22 At the [System Properties], press
23 In [Start] - [Shut Down], select [Restart the com-
puter?] then press
24 At the [Update Device Driver Wizard of Unknown
Devices], press
25 Select
then press
26 At the [Update Device Driver Wizard of
YAMAHA OPL3-SAx Sound System], press
then press
27 At the [Copying Files], type [c:\util\drivers\sound]
for the source then press
28 In [Control Panel] - [Power] - [OPL3-SAx power
management], set [Non Power Save mode] then
press [Apply]. Then press
29 Set [High Color (16 bit)] for [Color palette] in
[Control Panel] - [Display] - [Settings]. Next, set
[Super VGA 1024 X 768] for [Models] in [Ad-
vanced Properties] - [Monitor] - [Change], then
30 After pressing
ties] press
31 In [Start] - [Run], type [c:\util\updates\rmm2upd.exe]
then press
CD-ROM drive
32 In [Control Panel] - [System] - [Device Manager]
- [CDROM] - [MATSHITA UJDCD8710] - [Set-
tings], delete the check mark
notification], then set [L:] for [Reserved drive
letters] then press
33 At the [System Properties], press
When the message appears to reboot your com-
puter, press
In [Control Panel]-[Add New Hardware], if [Infra-
red] is added, TranXit can not be used. For TranXit
to be operable, [Infrared] must not be set.
to delete it, then press
, type [
at the [Insert Disk].
, at the [Display Proper-
. Simply follow the on-screen
for [Auto insert
. Rebooting will be done


Table of Contents

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