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Character Input - Panasonic CF-35 Operating Instructions Manual

Cf-35 series personal computer.
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Table of Contents
Dealing with Problems
No display after powering
The power has not been cut,
but after a certain period of
time, there is no display
An afterimage appears
The motion of a mouse
cursor is not smooth
Disk Operations
Cannot read/write to a
floppy disk
Unable to write to a floppy
How to format a floppy disk
is unclear
Unable to read/write to the
hard disk

Character Input

Unable to input anything
but numerals
Only capital letters are
being input
How to input European
characters (ß, à, ç) or
symbols is unclear
The brightness can be adjusted with
For models with an DSTN display, you can adjust the contrast with
When purchasing the computer, the display setting has been preset for an external display. If
you connect the external display, the screen is displayed on the external display.
When there is no display to an external display,
• Check your cable connection for an external display.
• Confirm your display is on.
If your computer is connected to an external display and the internal LCD has been set to
"off", and the computer is placed in the hibernation or suspend mode, the internal LCD
will remain in the "off" mode if the external display is not connected when the computer
is restarted. In this case, re-connect the external display and reboot the computer.
Has the computer been set to the power-saving mode?
To resume operation of your computer, press any key.
To save power, your computer may have automatically entered the hibernation mode.
If an image is displayed for a prolonged period of time, an afterimage may appear. This is
not a malfunction. The afterimage will disappear when a different screen is displayed.
[Start]-[Settings]-[Control Panel]-[Mouse]-[Motion] and check [Show pointer trails].
Has the floppy disk been correctly inserted?
Has the floppy disk been correctly formatted?
Your floppy disk drive may not have been properly set in the multimedia pocket.
Has the Setup Utility been used to set [Floppy Operation] to [Enable]?
Is the floppy disk write-protected?
Select [Format] in [My Computer] - [3 1/2 Floppy (A:)] - [File]. After confirming the disk
volume and format type, click
Your drive or file may not have been properly set.
Check to see if the hard disk is full.
Your hard disk content may be corrupted. Consult your nearest Panasonic dealer.
are on, the Numeric Key Pad is ON. To switch it OFF, press
is on, the Caps Lock is ON. To switch it OFF, press
Select [Start] - [Run], input [c:\windows\charmap.exe] and press
Map will be displayed. Point to the desired font name and select it.
. The Character


Table of Contents

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