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Motorola DCX700M User Manual page 10

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DVR Folders
DVR Folders help you keep recorded series organized
and help you scroll through your recordings quickly.
DVR Folders automatically group like titles into
folders. Highlight the DVR Folders to open and
scroll down to select a specific episode to watch.
Press LAST to return to your recordings list.
Live Program Notice – Default "On"
The notice overlay will appear when a DVR recording
is scheduled for a live program, such as sports
or awards shows. You can choose to extend the
recording time of live programs in the event the
program runs longer than scheduled.
DVR Clipping
i-Guide provides a feature to accommodate recording
two overlapping programs. With DVR Clipping,
i-Guide will automatically clip the beginning of a
program if there is a recording overlap when both
tuners are in use. For example, while watching live
TV, a scheduled recorded program ends at 9:05,
but your second recorded program is scheduled to
begin at 9:00; the second program will be "clipped"
so that your first program is recorded in full. Clipping
happens when both tuners are in use during the
recording time. If this occurs, a "clipped" notice
will appear next to those programs in the
My Recordings listings.
Manage Series Priorities
From the DVR Menu select Series Recordings to
view a list of Series and Keyword Series. Use the
up/down arrows
on your remote to highlight
a series. If you want to change priority of a series,
use the page up/down keys on your remote to move
the series up or down your list. Select Confirm to
confirm and accept your changes. The first series
set to record has the highest priority and will be the
one recorded if there is a conflict.
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