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Modify Recording Options - Motorola DCX700M User Manual

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DVR Cleanup
From the Main Menu, select DVR Menu to access
DVR Cleanup.
DVR Cleanup allows you to delete multiple
recordings with a simple check box. When you
select DVR Cleanup, a DVR Cleanup screen
appears, with a list of all of your recordings. To
check what recordings to delete, simply highlight the
corresponding box(es), then arrow left to highlight
the Delete button and press OK/Select, and confirm
your deletion.
DVR History
DVR History provides you with a list of recent DVR deletions or missed recordings. If a
program did not record, DVR History will provide a reason why the program didn't record
or when a program was deleted.

Modify Recording Options

i-Guide gives you flexibility to manage your personal
video library. You can modify your Recording
Options at any time, as often as you like.
From the Quick Menu or Main Menu (or from
MY DVR on the remote), select DVR, then select
Future Recordings to see a list. Highlight a
program title and press OK/Select or INFO.
You can also select Series Recordings to see a list
of just scheduled series.
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