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Recording Series - Motorola DCX700M User Manual

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Keyword Search
Select Keyword from the Search Menu and use
 
out your keyword. Select Search Now to begin the
search and the list of matching results will appear.
The Keyword Search is based on any word in the
program title or description. The list can be sorted
by date or alphabetically by selecting Sort Results.
Save the search criteria or set up an auto-recording.
Saving Searches
Save your search by selecting Save Search on
any results screen. Saving searches can be helpful
when you want to quickly find a program, subject
or celebrity. Simply select Saved Searches from the
Search Menu to access your list of saved searches
to restart or delete the search. You can save up to
16 searches at one time.
From any Search Results screen you can:
• Sort Results – sort results by title or date
• Save Search – save your search for future reference
(save up to 16 searches)
• Auto-Record – set a DVR auto-recording of your
search results

Recording Series

Your DVR allows you to record multiple episodes of
a program (series) according to your preferences.
To set up a Series Recording, begin by selecting
the program from the Listings grid or from a Search
results list:
• Select Record from the Program Info screen
• Select Set Up a Series Recording
• Select the type of episode to record, such as
First run only episodes
• Specify how many recordings to save
• Specify how long to save the recording
• To access advanced series set up features,
like add minutes to the start and end times and
specify which channels to record, select the
Recording Options
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buttons to navigate the keyboard to spell
to review all options
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