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View Recorded Programs - Motorola DCX700M User Manual

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Manage Series Priorities
• To give your new recording the highest scheduling
priority and to capture the most number of
episodes for your new recording, select High.
The screen will show you how many episodes
of the new series will be recorded and which
episodes of the old series will not be recorded
because of the conflict
• To move the new series back to the bottom of
the scheduling priority list, select Low and the
screen will refresh and give you revised results
• Select the Record Icon
new settings
Guide Symbols to Know – Manage Series Priority List
Return to previous screen
Record new program or series as shown
Show conflicts when the new series is a
high priority

View Recorded Programs

From the DVR menu, select My Recordings to view
your programs:
• Press My DVR on the remote (if available)
• Select
• Select DVR from the Main Menu
 
Use the
recordings by Title, Date or Channel. Use
OK/Select or INFO for program description and use
the action icons to begin playback.
You can control playback of a recording by using the
video control buttons or arrow buttons on your remote
to fast-forward, rewind and pause your program.
Guide Symbols to Know – Recorded Program Information Screens
Go back to the previous screen
Play the recording
Start the recording from the beginning
09ROVI1204 User i-Guide Manual R16.indd 36
from the Quick Menu
arrows on your remote to sort
arrows to scroll through the list and press
to confirm your
Show conflicts when the new series is a
low priority
Don't record new program or series
Delete the program from My Recordings
Change the Delete Priority
Place a Lock on the program to
restrict viewing
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