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Motorola DCX700M User Manual page 4

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From Program Information
From any Program Information screen, highlight
button and press OK/Select to schedule
a recording. Follow the on-screen prompts for
additional recording options.
Manual Recording
You can set a Manual Recording for specific time
or channel:
• Select DVR from the Quick Menu or Main
Menu, or My DVR button on your remote
• Select Set a Recording
• Select start and end times and day, then
press Confirm
• Select channel to record from channel list
• Select Record to confirm settings or select
Recording Options
Record Two Programs at Once
A Dual Tuner DVR allows you to set recordings for two
different programs that air at the same time. While
recording two programs, you can watch and control
either program up to the point of live TV by using the
SWAP button on your remote.
While Watching a Show Currently Airing
• Press RECORD to record the program you
are watching
• Press SWAP to switch to the other tuner
and find the second program you want
to record
• Press RECORD when you locate the second
program you want to record
From the Guide
• Highlight a program you want to record from
any listings screen
• Press RECORD to set up the first recording
• Highlight the second program
• Press RECORD to set up the second recording
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