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Installation Procedure On Windows Nt - Sony SMO-F551 Installation Manual

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Installation Procedure on Windows NT

1. SCSI host adapter
SCSI host adapter controls the command and data transfer between MO drive and host
computer. (Ex. AHA-2940, AHA-3940)
2. Device driver
Device driver controls MO drive. Windows NT includes a Device Driver. If you use
RMO-S551, we recommend using the "Desk Drive Tune Up
3. SCSI cable
SCSI cable is used for connecting host adapter and MO drive. Please select proper SCSI
4. Format Utility software
Format utility software enables format and partition on the media. Format utility is often
supplied with SCSI host adapter (e.g. ASPI manager and ASPI driver for AHA-29xx are
provided from Adaptec). If you use RMO-S551, we recommend using the "Disk Drive
Tune UP
1) Connection
- Set the SCSI host adapter into the host computer.
- Attach the MO drive using proper SCSI cable.
- Set proper SCSI ID and termination on the MO drive.
2) Windows Native support
2)-1 Preparation
- Turn on the drive and insert the media.
- Turn on the power of the host system and boot Windows NT.
- Let it Auto configure the hardware.
2)-2 Format the media and partition
a) Click the Start button and point to Program "Administrative Tools".
Click on Disk Administrator
- Verify to write signature to the media.
- Highlight the drive icon to be partitioned.
(Only one partition is available with removal media)
- Click on File, then Create Partition
- Choose partition parameters and click OK.
- Close Disk Administrator.... save changes when asked.
SMO-F551 / RMO-S551 Installation Guide
" is supplied with


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