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Format And Allocate Slices On The Media; Stop Volume Management *1 (Two Methods A And B Are Available); Format The Media - Sony SMO-F551 Installation Manual

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3) Format and allocate slices on the media

1.Stop Volume Management
A Stop volume management temporary.
a. Become superuser.
b. Enter the volmgt stop command.
# /etc/init.d/volmgt stop
Access MO drive, Jaz, and Zip drives without using volume management permanently.
Comment the following line in the /etc/vold.conf file by inserting a pound
(#) sign at the beginning of the text, like this:
# use rmdisk drive /dev/rdsk/c*s2 rmdisk%d
Note; method A is recommended
volume manager (vold) actively manages all removable media devices since the
Solaris 8 6/00 release.
( For more information on removable media with volume management, see "chapter
17 Managing Removable Media" in System Administration Guide Basic
However, there are some restrictions on volume management in case of using MO
drive as follows;
Cannot execute format command unless stop volume management.
Cannot make file system on the media unless stop volume management.

2. Format the Media

Invoke the format utility with option -e *2
# format -e
b) Select the disk that you want to configure automatically.
format option –e: enable SCSI expert menu. Removal media devices are listed
only when users execute format in expert mode. This option is not recommended
for casual use.
SMO-F551 / RMO-S551 Installation Guide
*1 (two methods A and B are


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