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Automatically Configure The Mo Drive - Sony SMO-F551 Installation Manual

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2) Automatically Configure the MO Drive

1. Become superuser or equivalent role.
2. Create the /reconfigure file that will be read when the system is booted.
# touch /reconfigure
3. Shut down the system.
# shutdown -i0 -gn -y
Brings the system down to init level 0, the power-down state.
Notifies logged-in users that they have n seconds before the system begins to shut
Specifies that the command should run without user intervention.
The ok prompt is displayed after the system is shut down.
4. Turn off the power to the system and all external peripheral devices.
5. Make sure that the disk you are adding has a different target number than the other
devices on the system.
(This example case ID is set 4)
6. Turn on the power to the MO drive.
7. Turn on the power to the system.
The system boots and displays the login prompt.
8. Log back in as superuser or assume an equivalent role.
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