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Sony SMO-F551 Installation Manual page 6

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3) Install the device driver
3)-1 Preparation
- Turn on the MO drive and host computer.
- Install the device driver on Windows95/98 and reboot the host computer. (Please refer
to the user's guide of the Device Driver)
3)-2 Format the media and partition
- Format and make partition on the media by using format utility software, such as "Desk
Drive Tune Up
- "Desk Drive Tune Up
some others
format utility software do not support 4.8GB or 5.2GB media. Please
confirm the proper media before using the device driver. If you have any question, please
contact your dealer of the device driver.
- Windows95/98 does not support WORM media.
- Before rebooting a host PC, please don't replace other media of a different sector size.
SMO-F551 / RMO-S551 Installation Guide
" supports all kind of MO media (4.1GB, 4.8GB, 5.2GB), but


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