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Safety Precautions - Mitsubishi Electric meiki series Instruction Manual

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You have to observe the descriptions indicated with this mark because they contain
very important information to assure the safety.
● No person who does not understand the content of this manual should be allowed to
operate the engine.
● Engine should not be operated at the indoor or a place with poor ventilation. (Exhaust
gas contains odorless and harmful carbon monoxide.)
● Do not insert in or approach hands or foot to the moving or revolving sections.
● Do not store, spill or use gasoline at the vicinity of fire, stove, furnace or devices using
the pilot flame or sparks like a water heater or others. (There is risk of explosion.)
● Do not refill the fuel indoors or at a place not well ventilated.
● Do not refill the fuel while smoking.
● Do not remove the fuel tank cap or refill the fuel during engine operation or immediately
after operation when the engine is still hot. (Wait for more than 2 minutes after
terminating the operation before refilling the fuel.)
● Do not operate the engine when gasoline has spilled, smell of gasoline is felt or there is
risk of explosion.
● Do not adjust the setting engine speed unnecessarily.
● Do not check sparks while the ignition plug is removed.
● Do not operate the engine with the muffler or air cleaner cover removed. (Inspect
particularly the muffler at regular intervals for loose mounting screws, breakage or
leakage, and repair or replace it if any abnormal condition has been discovered.)
● Do not operate the engine when grasses, leaves or inflammable substances are sticking
in or around the muffler.
● Do not touch parts of muffler or engine at high temperatures. (There is risk of burn.)
● Do not touch the ignition plug or high-voltage cord during operation. (There is risk of
electric shock or physical injury.)
● Make sure to stop the engine whenever the work is interrupted or moving the engine to
another place.
● Do not operate the engine alone. (It must be connected to the driven equipment when it
is operated.)


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Table of Contents

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