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Precautions During Operation - Mitsubishi Electric meiki series Instruction Manual

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● After starting the engine, set the throttle lever at the slow speed position and warm up the
engine for approx. 2~3 minute. As the engine worms up, the engine will be accelerated
● Do not attempt to raise the engine speed abruptly immediately after the start because the
lubrication oil may not be distributed yet all over the engine.
● If the throttle lever is turned to the fully opened position, the revolution speed picks up to a
considerably higher level, which could not only shorten the life of engine but also cause
trouble. It should be avoided to race the engine at high speed under no load condition or
raise the speed unnecessarily.
● Before starting operation, make sure to inspect the engine in accordance with the
"Inspection before starting the engine".
● Do not operate the engine at the indoor or a place with poor ventilation. (Exhaust gas
contains odorless and harmful carbon monoxide.)
● Do not insert in or approach hands or foot at the moving or rotating sections.
● Stop the engine immediately if it has been discovered any leakage of fuel or gas from
the carburetor, muffler, fuel tank, crankcase, cylinder or mating face at respective
sections. (Contact a dealer or service center for repair.)
● Do not change the setting revolution speed of engine unnecessarily.
● Be careful not to touch highly heated muffler or sections on the engine to avoid possible
risk of burn.
● Do not operate the engine while withered grasses, leaves or other inflammable
substances are sticking in or around the muffler cover.
● Do not touch the ignition plug cap or high-voltage cord during operation. (There is risk of
electric shock or physical injury.)
● Do not operate the engine with the muffler or air cleaner cover removed.


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Table of Contents

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