Mitsubishi Electric GM-J2 Series Instruction Manual

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  • Page 2 Safety Precautions If the geared motor is not used correctly, the motor may be damaged, and you may get an electric shock. This manual uses two safety levels to give you cautions. These two levels are “DANGER” and “CAUTION” levels. Indicates that an operation error may cause an imminently hazardous situation, which, Danger if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury.
  • Page 3 CAUTION Ambient conditions and operation conditions: ● When the motor malfunctions, the grease may leak from the motor and the leaked grease may damage the outside environment. For this reason, place an oil pan to prevent leakage of grease. ● Be sure to attach a safety cover to the belt, chain, gear, etc. ●...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Verification at Receiving Product ................4 Ambient Conditions and Operation Conditions ............4 Installation and Adjustment ..................4 Connection ....................... 4 Wiring ........................5 Motor Line Connection and Output Shaft Rotational Direction ....... 6 Brake Connection Method and Coasting Time ............7 Brake Structure ......................
  • Page 5: Verification At Receiving Product

    Verification at Receiving Product (1) Verify that the model number, output value, speed value, etc. written on the nameplate do not differ from the customer specified values. (2) Check that no parts are damaged during transportation. (3) Check the screws and bolts for looseness. Ambient Conditions and Operation Conditions (1) Keep flammable substances away from the geared motor.
  • Page 6: Wiring

    Wiring (1) Be sure to ground the motor, and install a dedicated circuit breaker for each motor to prevent electric leakage. If you ignore this caution, you may get an electric shock. (2) When wiring the motor, use good wiring parts, and observe the Technical Standard for Electric System and the Regulation specified by the corresponding electric power company.
  • Page 7: Motor Line Connection And Output Shaft Rotational Direction

    ■ Connection of constant-speed series Motor Line Connection and Output Shaft Rotational Direction ● Motor Motor type Counterclockwise rotation Clockwise rotation Exchange the connected terminals of 2 wires 3-phase type with each other to rotate the motor clockwise. Turn the switch to B to rotate the motor clockwise.
  • Page 8: Brake Connection Method And Coasting Time

    Brake Connection Method and Coasting Time The brake coasting time (time required for starting the braking operation after power-off) depends on the brake connection method and the load specifications. Select the optimum connection method depending on the purpose of use. Before delivery Before delivery DC power-off...
  • Page 9 ■ Instructions for use 1. If the motor is used for a lift and high accuracy is needed in braking operation, adopt the DC power-off (quick power-off) circuit. 2. The coasting time may slightly vary depending on the load specifications and braking torque. 3.
  • Page 10: Brake Structure

    Brake Structure Structure and operation The brake structure is shown in the following figure. For all the models, the non-excitation braking system (spring braking system) is adopted for the brake operation. Item Description Tightening screw Brake cover Power supply unit Spacer Shim Cross-recessed round head...
  • Page 11: Operation

    Operation • If a load is lifted, do not manually release the brake. If the brake is released, the lifted load may fall. • In the inverter operation mode, operate the geared motor while observing the frequency range specified in the catalog. If the frequency is out of the specified range, the motor may be damaged. Before turning on the switch (1) Check of each tightening bolt Check that all the foundation bolts, sprocket bolts, coupling bolts, etc.
  • Page 12: Please Contact Us

    (2) Periodical inspection Carry out periodical inspection while referring to the following table. (For the following table, the schedule is determined assuming that the motor will be operated for 8 hours a day.) Inspection schedule Inspection item Description of inspection (reference) Tension applied to chain Every 6 months...
  • Page 13 「Warranty」 1.Warranty term and scope of warranty When failure by the responsibility by the side of our company occurs for a product during the term of a warranty, our company will 【Warranty term】 deliver a substitute free of charge through the store or the service company of our company which purchased. The warranty term for the product shall be 18 months after the date of delivery or 12 month from the product starting operation, 【Scope of warranty】...
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